Service Happenings

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Service Happenings

Looking to volunteer, but seeking some solid resources to do so?  Service Happenings is for you!  This program features a regularly updated calendar and a seasonal newsletter featuring local, state-wide, national, and global non-profits offering volunteering opportunities.  Sign up for the newsletter today!  The calendar is under construction but will be released later this fall.  Volunteering offerings range from one-time opportunities to ongoing/long-term commitments and are geared toward members of the Ram Community.

 Newsletter topics include but are not limited to:

  • local and global volunteer opportunities
  • in-person, remote, and virtual volunteering opportunities
  • ethical volunteering best practices
  • community engagement internships/civic engagement job opportunities
  • mutually beneficial and sustainable community partnerships
  • values-based service-learning
  • inspirational acts of kindness and collective care

Service Happenings Interactive Calendar Coming Soon!


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Volunteer Request

Community Agencies/Non-Profits: Promote your volunteering opportunities to the CSU Community. All submitted volunteer requests are subject to review by the SLiCE office and volunteers are not guaranteed.