CSUnity 2020: Reenvisioned

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Polis’ “stay-at-home” directive, “CSUnity 2020: A Spring Service Day” is canceled in its traditional form.

Virtually Celebrating and Promoting National Volunteer Month by Meeting Today’s Immediate Community Needs and Priorities

By navigating an uncertain future, we must re-envision our program in unprecedented ways.  The traditionally large-scale, one-day service program is transforming into a celebration and promotion of National Volunteer Month, occurring throughout April.  SLiCE encourages members of our Ram Community, whether near or far, to connect with their local communities during this rapidly evolving time.  To best support our stakeholders, we are frequently updating information about the following:

  • Community Agency Volunteer Requests (a volunteer request intake form for local non-profits to submit for one-time or ongoing needs)
  • Immediate Volunteer Opportunities (a collection of ongoing and one-time volunteer opportunities offered virtually, in-person, and remotely for Rams who want to volunteer their time this April)
  • Neighborly Acts of Kindness by Others (a collection of articles recognizing voluntary acts of kindness springing up locally and elsewhere)
  • Resident Relief Resources (a list of alternative options for local neighbors to request volunteer help via local non-profits)
  • Submit Your Own Acts of Kindness (the chance to submit any time spent volunteering since July 2019 up through June 2020 for the Rams 150 Service Challenge)

First, and foremost, the SLiCE team is sending you, your colleagues, and your clients, positive thoughts during this difficult time.

Though volunteers are not guaranteed, and we are not coordinating volunteer groups, nor matching any volunteers with your volunteer requests, any community agencies (as in non-profit or government-based organizations) may request volunteers via our intake form. We will add your one-time or ongoing volunteer requests to our Service Happenings Calendar and the Service Happenings Newsletter.  Both will be shared with members of the CSU Community, and we will continue to encourage Rams to consider volunteering individually, remotely, and even virtually.

Visit Service Happenings to Submit Volunteer Requests as a Community Agency


First, and foremost, the SLiCE team is sending you, your neighbors, your friends, and your families, positive thoughts during this difficult time.  Second, thank you for considering to volunteer in your surrounding community!

During National Volunteer Month, we hope to draw attention to National Volunteer Week occurring between Sunday April 19 – Saturday April 24.  Though these are a particular week and month, we hope they kickstart your interest to volunteer, if able!  For the history of National Volunteer Week/Month, click here.

There are many virtual, remote, and solo volunteering opportunities available to you to pursue, should you choose to do so on your own.  By merging our Service Happenings and CSUnity programs together for spring 2020, SLiCE is offering frequently updated opportunities found via the Service Happenings Calendar and the Service Happenings Newsletter.

Right now, we have the following kinds of volunteering opportunities:

  • Local: volunteering opportunities within Northern Colorado
  • On-Going: volunteer opportunities not bound to a specific day/time
  • One-Time: volunteer opportunities that are bound to a specific day/time
  • Remote: volunteer opportunities that can occur at home, and anywhere
  • Virtual: volunteering opportunities available online and by phone

SLiCE will remain up-to-date on current protocol and practices enforced by local, state, and national public health experts and government officials regarding individual community engagement while following physical distancing expectations.  Volunteering opportunities provided to the Ram Community will fit within these protocols and practices.

Visit Service Happenings to Learn of Today’s Volunteer Opportunities


Whether near or far, individuals throughout the world and locally within Northern Colorado, have spent their time in profound, creative, and deliberate ways through these neighborly acts of kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic.  SLiCE wants to celebrate their actions, words, and sacrifices by featuring these articles, among the many noteworthy stories occurring daily.

Featured Articles:

College Student Makes Masks for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Can’t Leave to Get Groceries Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak? These CSU Grad Students Want to Help

Fort Collins Celebrates Birthday of Boy who Lost Dad to the Coronavirus

In the City: More Helpers are Needed for the Adopt-a-Neighbor Program

“Little Free Libraries” Become “Little Free Pantries” Amid Coronavirus Food Shortages

The Science of Kindness: Biology Proves How We Are All Connected

6 Acts of Kindness During the Coronavirus Outbreak That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

First and foremost, the SLiCE team is sending you, your neighbors, your friends, and your families positive thoughts during this difficult time.

Though CSUnity volunteers will not be your go-to source of help this spring, below are local and state-wide non-profits who can support you.   Many of these community agencies are focusing on serving immediate community needs and priorities, please see below for the various ways they are supporting community members at this time.

A Little Help – The Northern Colorado regional office brings its service and community-building model to older adults and their neighbors.  Their older members have chosen to stay at home, with a little help from their friends and neighbors.  Services include but are not limited to grocery/medicine/errands and check-in calls.

2-1-1 ColoradoThe Colorado State Emergency Operations Center activated 2-1-1 Colorado to connect Coloradans with human service resources statewide; it is confidential and multilingual.  Coloradans can also dial 2-1-1 or text their zip code to 898-211. Navigations services to resources include but is not limited to housing, rent/utility assistance, applying for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits by phone, food/meals, transportation, personal/household needs, mental health, government/economic services, and employment.

Adopt A NeighborLocal residents can request help from a neighbor volunteer through this uniquely challenging time. Responses are confidential. City of Fort Collins is looking for neighbors in Fort Colins and the surrounding area who are vulnerable to COVID-19 and need assistance with regular tasks. You will be paired with a volunteer in your community.  Tasks may include, but are not limited to: grocery shopping and delivery, basic errands, driveway shoveling, outdoor pet care/dog walking, and more.

Fort Collins Delivery NetworkThis pop-up charitable organization was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their volunteers are delivering essential items (i.e. groceries and other supplies) to individuals and families in the Fort Collins area who are affected by the pandemic, and cannot (or should not) go out in public.  They provide same day requests and deliveries.

Hunger Free ColoradoThey strive to connect Coloradans to food resources. Their page is regularly updated on how COVID-19 is affecting food access across the state. They share information on food resource hotlines, school meals, food pantries, and SNAP.

Larimer County Network of Care – Offered by Larimer County’s Office of Aging Services, this is a resource list of medical providers offering various support during these times.

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) – Throughout our community, neighbors are helping neighbors stay in their homes, regain stability and achieve homeownership.  N2N knows that many folks are facing uncertainty with jobs, lost wages and cut hours due to the community response. They are here to help as much as possible with Eviction Prevention services.

Senior Access Points of Larimer – is here to help you get started in your search for the resources you may need.  They offer aging-related resources.  They know that finding services for yourself or for an aging loved one can be difficult. They hope to make your journey a little bit easier. Senior Access Points is a partnership between the Larimer County Office of Colorado State University Extension, CSU Department of Human Development and Family Studies, the Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities, and the Larimer County Office on Aging.

Senior Alternatives in Transportation – SAINT is a local non-profit agency providing personal transportation to people sixty years old and older, and people with disabilities that prevent them from driving.  Volunteers have helped their neighbors in Fort Collins and Loveland get to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, and wherever else they need to go since 1983.

United Way of Larimer CountyUWLC works to cultivate and mobilize community resources to change and save lives.  They keep update their list of community resources in real time through the COVID-19 crisis.  Categories include food assistance, senior support, small business support, medical assistance, unemployment and financial resources, family resources, medical heath resources, and utilities/rent assistance.

Whether volunteering locally, from afar, virtually, or through your solo acts of kindness, we hope to capture your voluntary acts and further recognize your time spent being neighborly.  Since July 2019, SLiCE has challenged the CSU Community to participate in the Rams 150 Service Challenge, as part of CSU’s Sesquicentennial.

Public service is one of Colorado State University’s land-grant concepts, among teaching, research, extension, and engagement.  Thus, we ask the Ram Family (as in students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the University) to track any efforts made and time spent toward volunteering and serving others.  We strive to together reach 150,000 volunteer hours by the end of June 2020!

Submit Your Time Spent Volunteering