SLiCE Engagement Programs: CSUnity

Join this CSU tradition and volunteer with fellow Rams for a day of service in your local community!

Each spring, nearly two thousand volunteers from the CSU community gather for a day of service in and around Fort Collins. Volunteers could clean up yards/playgrounds/natural areas, mulch, plant flowers, paint sheds, sort food, visit with older adults, and much more. Service sites tend to be coordinated by local neighbors and non-profits organizations, as well as the City of Fort Collins, and other county, state, and federal agencies.  A variety of community engagement opportunities are available on this one-day service plunge.

To learn about the updated CSUnity Inclement Weather/Make-Up Procedure, please review the answers to our frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s) 

Examples of service projects include:

  • General yard work, landscaping, and painting
  • Building, grounds, and equipment repair and maintenance
  • Environmental work including trail building, road and waterway cleanup
  • Direct work with clients and work to support the identified mission of agencies and organizations
  • Event support and management


CSUnity will occur on Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. or on the Pre-Scheduled Make-Up day of Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 10:30am – 2:30pm [Volunteers, plan for both dates!]

WHY A NEW PRE-SCHEDULED MAKE-UP DAY? As volunteer teams, please plan to attend both dates to be able to participate in CSUnity this year.  This is due to trying to plan around inclement weather, as seen in the past.  With CSUnity being a spring clean-up for most community agencies and neighbors, the timing for the event needs to occur in April, a month of unpredictable winter/spring weather.  Yet, a time before the end of the semester and finals in May, and after snowy March when spring break occurs.  To try to better accommodate local community and campus community needs, this year a NEW pre-scheduled make-up date has been added.  We ask all volunteers when planning ahead to be able to commit to both weekends, should the initial date be canceled due to inclement weather.  Volunteers will not be asked to complete projects on both Saturdays, instead just one Saturday of the two.  Thank you for working with us this year, as we try to something new for ideally the betterment of all.

The Benefits of CSUnity

  • “My husband has a slowly progressing disease. The students helped with the garden and helped relieve my husband’s sadness. This was our second time in 10 years that we have participated with SLiCE, it is fun to be around young people and hear about their friends, family, pets, dreams and goals. Thank you!” – Local Neighbor
  • “The group that came to my home was awesome! They were diligent, caring, and extremely helpful. Please tell them I really appreciate the work they provided; stellar group!” – Community Agency
  • “The group was very helpful, and we got a lot of trash cleaned up in our wetlands. The habitat is appreciative.” -Community Agency
  • “It is important to be patient and kind to other generations of people that live in the same community. As college students, we are somewhat aware of the rest of the Fort Collins community that are our neighbors. -CSU Student
  • “Volunteering is a great way to know your community and strengthen the bond you have already within a group.” – CSU Student

Everything You Need to Know About CSUnity

Volunteer with CSUnity

Be a CSUnity Volunteer and connect with our surrounding community. CSUnity is your chance to make a difference in just one day!

Register a Project

Do you have a project needing to complete? CSUnity is a day of service where CSU Rams can volunteer at your site.

Inclement Weather/Make-Up Procedure F.A.Q.

Will SLiCE cancel CSUnity if there is inclement weather?

No. It is up to the Service Site Coordinators (neighbors or community agencies) to determine if the severity of the inclement weather the day of April 13, 2019 is not suitable for the project to occur. Service Site Coordinators may either cancel outright or request to utilize the agreed upon make-up date (if there is one; as it is not required by SLiCE) determined between the Service Site Coordinator and the Team Leader, on behalf of their team.  

However, in very rare cases, SLiCE may have to cancel Team Leader Check-In because the Lory Student Center is closed due to the University’s Public Safety Team’s determination to close all campus operations and events because of severe weather.  Though most CSUnity service projects are not on campus, if extreme weather necessitates a decision to close campus, travel to, from, and around campus is considered hazardous as snow accumulates and crews work to clear it.  Hence, CSUnity would be canceled by SLiCE because of the condition of roads near campus, which most students would take to travel to the service sites.

How will Team Leaders and Service Site Coordinators be notified if CSUnity Team Leader Check-In is canceled?

Regardless of the weather, Team Leaders are required to check their email by 8:00 a.m. on the morning of Saturday April 13, 2019 to learn if Team Leader Check-In is still occurring or is canceled.  If Team Leader Check-In is canceled, CSUnity projects are collectively considered canceled that day. Again, if a make-up date was determined between both parties, then it should be acted upon and followed through by that date instead.

If canceled, Team Leader Check-In will occur in SLiCE on a drop-in basis to allow Team Leaders to collect materials and information needed to complete their projects on their agreed upon make-up dates. More information about this process will be shared at Team Leader Training and via email, if it should occur.

Regardless of weather, Service Site Coordinators will receive a phone call between 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. the day of April 13 from their Team Leader.  Site Coordinators can either (1) learn that CSUnity Team Leader Check-In was canceled and thus CSUnity is canceled on that day, (2) be asked if they wish to continue their project in inclement weather or utilize the agreed upon make-up date, or (3) if sunny and dry outside, be told that the team is headed their way and will be at their site shortly.  

How can projects continue if there is inclement weather on CSUnity?

First, not all projects are outdoors.  However, most projects tend to be. Second, some projects can be moved indoors, while others can still continue outside depending on the severity of weather.  Service Site Coordinators should consider if precipitation that day will damage their site if volunteers set foot on their grounds, as that may be an indication of not moving forward.  Service Site Coordinators are also asked to consider the safety of themselves and volunteers if they choose to carry onward with their project, particularly if snow has accumulated and projects are fully outside.

What is the best way to determine an ideal make-up date between volunteers and service sites?

We ask Service Site Coordinators and Team Leaders (on behalf of their team’s availability) to collectively identify the best make-up date for both parties no later than 1 week before CSUnity. It would be easier for Service Site Coordinators to expect volunteer numbers to be smaller in size at a scheduled make-up date.  Please realize that make-up dates in May, fall at the end of the spring semester and might not be best for most students as they are preparing for final papers, presentations, and projects, and studying for final exams at that time.

If the agreed upon make-up date also faces inclement weather, perhaps it was sadly not meant to be for the spring of 2019, and we ask both parties to be reasonable when scheduling any further make-up dates, if any.

What if an agreed upon make-up date cannot be reached between a Team Leader and Service Site Coordinator within the final weeks of the semester, but either party still wants to serve or receive service?

If an agreed upon make-up time cannot be reached, but volunteers still wish to fulfill service hours or neighbors/community agencies still hope for projects to be completed in this spring semester, please contact SLiCE’s Service Outreach Coordinator or SLiCE at 970-491-1682 no later than Wednesday April 17 to learn of different options, though not guaranteed.

If I have remaining questions about the CSUnity Inclement Weather/Make-Up Day Procedure, who should I contact?

Please direct any questions to SLiCE’s Senior Program Coordinator, Sarah Stephens. Or call, 970-491-5755.

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