Post-It Note Window Art Exhibition

How to participate:

Use Post-It Notes to make a fabulous post-it note window design featuring positive art or messages viewable from the outside of your window. Build your art in response to the following theme:


Please make sure that your window design reflects CSU Principles of Community:

Please do not include any of the following in your post-it note art:

  • Curse words
  • Sexualized content
  • Hate speech/imagery
  • Racist/Homophobic/Antisemitic/Anti-Black/Sexist/Transphobic language or imagery

Artwork featuring any of the above will be referred for disciplinary action. Additionally, any art featuring the above will not be eligible for prizes.

Please only use Post-It Notes in your design. NO other paper, lights or decorations, please.

Prizes and Winners:

In order to be eligible for prizes, you must complete the registration form here:

Prizes for the top three most creative designs submitted via the above registration form will be awarded at the end of each semester: December 18, 2020 for FA2020 and May 14, 2021 for SP2021.

Don’t Forget:

Post-It Notes are Recyclable! If you don’t wish to reuse your Post-It Notes, please recycle them.

Need some inspiration?

Check out this motivational message from Mr. Post-It himself, Arthur Fry! The inventor of Post-It Notes, Art has a special message for CSU students as they navigate the pandemic.

Need to Request Post-It Notes?

Contact Dr. JJ Johnson at and she will arrange for pick up or delivery of  Post-It Notes.



Questions about the Post-It Note Window Art Exhibition? Contact Dr. JJ Johnson at .


Thank you to our partners and co-sponsors: Fraternity and Sorority Life, Housing and Dining Services, & ASCSU.

Fall 2020 Departmental Winners:

Lory Student Center Ramskellar

Lory Student Center Lower Level Bookstore

Lory Student Center Upper Level Bookstore

Fall 2020 Student Winners:

Megan Passmore
“Holiday Cheer”

Caroline Craw
“Arcade Games”