Service Happenings

Are you an individual student looking to volunteer locally in the community? Are you leading a group of volunteers, but do quite know where to begin or could use some inspiration?  Might you be a service chair of an organization, or do you coordinate volunteering opportunities for a campus student group, department, office, staff, etc.?

If so, Service Happenings may be for you!  This resource is for individual students and/or those organizing service projects for others.  It provides tools for local community agencies (non-profit and governmental organizations) to share their volunteering opportunities with the CSU campus community.

Service Happenings resources include a monthly newsletter and volunteer calendar for up-to-date opportunities.  Each month in our newsletter, tips and best practices are shared.  Topics could include coordinating a group of volunteers, healthy volunteering, long-term volunteering/community engagement internship/job opportunities, maintaining sustainable relationships, values-based connections, volunteering accountability, and more.

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Agencies and Organizations Looking for CSU Volunteers

If you are a local community agency (as in a non-profit or governmental organization) and want assistance marketing your volunteering opportunities to the CSU community, please submit a Volunteer Request Form.  All submitted volunteer opportunities are subject to review by the SLiCE office and volunteers are not guaranteed. If selected, your service opportunity would be shared via a monthly newsletter and added to our volunteer calendar.  The Service Happenings Newsletter is sent out at the end of each month, therefore to be featured in the current month’s newsletter, a volunteer request form needs to be submitted no later than 1 week prior to the last business day of the month.

In addition to sending us your information, you might consider the following to locate volunteers:

Community Agency Volunteer Request Form