Service Happenings

Looking to volunteer, but seeking some solid resources to do so?  Service Happenings is for you!  This program features a regularly updated calendar, a twice-a-month newsletter, and eventually, an engaging, online database of local, state-wide, national, and global non-profits offering virtual, remote, solo, and physically-distanced volunteering opportunities. Volunteering offerings range from one-time opportunities to ongoing/long-term commitments and are geared toward members of the Ram Community.

Topics in this bi-monthly newsletter could include:

  • ethical volunteering best practices
  • community engagement internships/civic job opportunities
  • mutually-beneficial and sustainable community partnerships
  • values-based service-learning
  • fundraising and crowdfunding tips and tricks
  • inspirational acts of kindness and collective care


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Community Agencies Seeking CSU Volunteers

If you are a local community agency (non-profit or governmental organization) and want assistance marketing your volunteering opportunities to the CSU community, then Service Happenings is for you! This is a great resource to promote your volunteering opportunities through our current calendar and newsletter – and eventually our interactive, online database!  All submitted volunteer opportunities are subject to review by the SLiCE office and volunteers are not guaranteed.

Community Agency Volunteer Request Form