Community Outcomes

Through their experience on the Leadership Development Community, students will gain competency in the following areas:

Academic Achievement and Knowledge Integration

  • Possess the ability to think critically about information, opinions, and discourse presented in a variety of contexts
  • Synthesize new knowledge with pre-existing information, ideas, and experiences

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Development

  • Explore their personal values and ethics, learning how to interact respectfully and live in community and address conflict with others who may possess different values and ethics
  • Be able to articulate areas of strength and growth in themselves and others for the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships

Multicultural and Intercultural Competence

  • Have an awareness and appreciation of culture, identities, global differences, and perspectives of self and others
  • Increase their understanding of various issues among communities while using mindful behavior when interacting with those of different identities

Leadership and Community Engagement

  • Identify tools and develop skills they can use to create sustainable, positive change and inspire
  • Become leaders in improving quality of life through volunteerism and their involvement while helping to create and strengthen community

Professional and Career Preparation

  • Identify areas of passion and how to translate them into their future at CSU
  • Be prepared to apply for and enter a career through professional development, programs, and service opportunities