In addition to the REAL Experience, LDC students will also be encouraged to both attend and plan educational, social, sport and cultural events in their residential community and throughout the CSU campus. The LDC staff commits to providing information on upcoming programs/retreats, scheduling monthly community meetings, and sharing information about available service opportunities.
Residents of the LDC are selected from a competitive pool of CSU students for participation based on the quality of application materials and overall leadership experiences. For the LDC community to be a success we need students who are excited to develop their leadership skills and want to be connected with the floor community.

To demonstrate this commitment, LDC members are asked to agree to:

  • Participate in a large-scale floor community service event during fall semester
  • Attend floor leadership retreats during fall and spring semesters
  • Complete a REAL Leadership Preparation Certification
  • Fulfill 20 hours of community service in the fall semester, and an additional 20 hours of community service or a pre-approved involvement activity during the spring semester.
  • Lead one “leadership facilitation” each semester
  • Attend at least 75% of all weekly facilitation held throughout the academic year
  • Attend monthly floor community meetings and programs held by the LDC’s resident assistant (RA)
  • Uphold all residence hall policies and maintain “good standing” within the University/Housing conduct system