Student Employment

The LDC staff commits to providing information on upcoming programs/retreats, scheduling monthly community meetings, and sharing information about available service opportunities. Overall, for the LDC community to be a success, we need students who are excited to develop their leadership skills and want to be connected with the floor community.

LDC Resident Assistant(s)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are instrumental in developing and maintaining the communities atmosphere. RAs assist with the transition to CSU, becoming a mentor and friend during the academic year. RAs will organize floor meetings and events around the values of the Leadership Development Community to bring the members closer, inform residents of hall events, and create sense of belonging for members.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Actively assist in the transition and success of new students to CSU and the residence halls
  • Plan fun activities and events for your floor
  • Answer questions, develop friendships, and create community
  • Implement weekly leadership facilitation every Sunday

Student Leadership Coordinator

SLCs, much like peer mentors, will live on the Leadership Floor and assist the LDC RA in the development of residents in the community.

Their responsibilities include:

  • SLCs serve as a positive role model for students, academically and socially guide students in making positive choices around social and academic decisions.
  • Share the floors requirement of attending 5 REAL workshops per semester and completing 20 hours of community service per semester.
  • Organize off-campus community and on-campus opportunities for the LDC.
  • Assist the LDC Resident Assistant plan and implement weekly leadership facilitation every Sunday
  • Serves as a student adviser to iLEAD
  • Develop floor programs