Additional Opportunities Offered Through PLP

Additional Opportunities Offered Through PLP

The President’s Leadership Program is a member of the Colorado Leadership Alliance (CLA). CLA supports the development of the next generation of Colorado’s leaders at the collegiate level through collaboration between academic programs and the public, private and nonprofit sectors. The Colorado Leadership Alliance is the only alliance of its kind in the United States.

At public and private institutions across Colorado, CLA leadership programs are preparing top students to become capable leaders of Colorado’s future through academic coursework, internship, externship and service learning experiences. As an umbrella organization, CLA supports the development of each program by providing a forum to communicate best practices, create shared outcomes, foster collaboration among students through Alliance-wide initiatives and engage in joint-fundraising efforts.

The Colorado Leadership Alliance is partnered with the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s esteemed leadership programs to promote civic leadership. For more on CLA or the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, visit

Public Achievement is a volunteer opportunity to engage Fort Collins’ K-12 Students and guide them to create impactful change in our community. Student volunteers will gain skills in coaching, facilitation, and leadership through the international Public Achievement model. Coaches apply to the program and are selected based on their desire to work with students, experience with social change, and time availability. Applications open in April for the following academic year.

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The research course offered within The President’s Leadership Program works in conjunction with the Leadership Studies Minor. If students do not pursue the Public Achievement option, they are required to complete research encompassing their leadership passion to be able to earn the minor.

Aims to connect students to as many opportunities outside of class as possible and encourage students to apply their learning outside of the classroom. Some of these events include:

  • PLP book club
    • Read inspiring books and enjoy free dinner and discussion throughout the semester!
  • Attend On-Campus Events
    • Attend and discuss events such as the Diversity Symposium,
      Campus speakers, and more.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • PLP participates in various volunteer opportunities throughout the year, including CSUnity, C.A.N.S. Around the Oval, and more!
  • Other Events
    • Anything from a finals study break, to attend an art show, PLP is always looking for more ways to get involved in the community and spend some time together!

Opportunity for PLP students to travel to the CSU Center in Todos Santos, Mexico for 5 days to learn about a social issue. The most recent trip over Thanksgiving break 2019 focused on Water Scarcity and Usage.

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