Leadership Preparation Certification

The Leadership Preparation Certification seeks to prepare participants for leadership and service in their communities. Through understanding of various leadership competencies,  participants will develop a personal philosophy of leadership that includes an understanding of self, groups, and society.


  1. Complete the REAL Orientation form to get started!
  2. Complete the REAL Experience Orientation (Start the slideshow once you download the file)
    The orientation is this PowerPoint presentation attached to this link. Once the file is open on your computer, click begin show in the menu bar. Follow the directions and you will complete the orientation in approximately 8 minutes
  3. Attend ten (10) REAL Core Workshops (see below for specific guidelines)
    • Complete all ten (10)  REAL Core Workshops included on the semester schedule
    • Up to three (3) workshops can be substituted for CSU involvement or event attendance with approval from the REAL coordinator (examples include speaker events,  department/college workshops, TILT workshops, Career Center opportunities, etc.)
  4. Complete two (2) leadership coaching meetings
    • First meeting: after participants have completed four (4) workshops
    • Second meeting: action plan meeting after completing all ten (10) workshops
  5. Complete a twenty (20) question Post Certification Test based on workshops