Advising Resources

“You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him find it within himself.”
-Galileo (1564-1642 Italian Astronomer & Mathematician)

An advisor is a position of great value to the students with whom you will work and to the University. We know students leave a university with a vast amount of book knowledge, but we also know that the lessons learned outside of the classroom and textbooks, such as those learned in a student organization, are valuable to the student as well. As an advisor, you will be able to play a role in students’ learning and development as well as have fun!

A few words of wisdom:

Knowing and understanding your role as an advisor will determine your ability to fulfill that role and get the most out of it. We hope to provide you with some “answers,” or guidelines for your role. However, much of your role will be a learning experience for you and it may change a bit each year.

The two most important areas you will want to “master” include a working knowledge of what is expected and required of you by Colorado State University and what the students and the organization desire of you. We can help you with the former and will offer you insight for the latter; however, knowing this second part will be a process of interacting with the students – perhaps the most important part of your role. By developing a working relationship with the organization and, at minimum, its executive board, you will be able to play a key role in helping the students and organization to succeed, make mistakes, learn, and grow – the idea behind student organizations!

Please know we are here to assist you.

Do not hesitate to contact us at (970) 491-1682 if you have any questions. You have accepted an amazing and vitally important role at Colorado State University. We thank you for taking on this position and making a difference in your students’ lives and look forward to working with you.

Please utilize the Registered Student Organization Advisor Handbook (linked below) for the most current policies, procedures, and advising best practices.  The Registered Student Organization Advisor Handbook provides you with detailed information and practices to assist both you and the organization you advise, be successful.