Annual Registration Process for CSU Student Organizations

To be recognized by CSU and SLiCE as an registered student organization, the registration process must be completed each year.  The preferred deadline for existing student organizations to be registered is September 30.  By missing this deadline, organization RamLink pages for unregistered existing student organizations become locked. Once locked, their RamLink pages are hidden from view, thereby keeping them from the great resources of being a registered student organization, which include:

  • Access to informal advising from SLiCE through scheduled meetings and drop-in services
  • Discounted advertising in the Rocky Mountain Collegian, Campus Activities’ Poster Run & LSC Colab’s marketing options
  • Accessing the resources in the Student Organization Center (i.e. poster-making materials, conference room space, lockers, computers, etc.)
  • Applying for various on-campus grants (i.e. ASCSU – Board of Student Organization Funding [BSOF], LSC Diversity Grant, ASCSU Travel Grant, Coca Cola Campus of Character Grant)
  • Mostly Free use of University meeting rooms and facilities (rental fees may apply)
  • Free use of the LSC Flea Market 
  • Creating/utilizing an on-campus Student Organization Financial Account (SOFA)
  • Participating in and benefiting from on-campus fundraising (i.e. Football Parking, RamRide, CSU Serves, LSC Flea Market, etc.)
  • Opportunities to participate in free Registered Student Organization specific retreats and leadership workshops
  • Utilizing RamLink, CSU’s online involvement hub for the promotion of events, tracking membership, messaging members and access to other group resources


Minimum Standards for Recognition

Student organizations desiring official recognition must meet the following minimum standards:
  • Have a clearly stated lawful purpose, which must be part of a constitution.
  • Have a minimum of 4 CSU student members.
  • The majority (at least 51%) of the members must be CSU students.
  • Be open to all CSU students with the right to vote and hold office (within the organization).
  • Have a minimum of 2 officers. The same person cannot be the President and Financial Officer. Officers must be fee-paying CSU students, maintaining a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA* during elections and while in office.
  • Each organization must have an advisor who is a CSU-employed faculty, Administrative Professional, State Classified staff member, or CSU graduate student. Graduate students may serve as advisors with permission from their academic advisors. (Advisors are not members, though RamLink recognizes them as such).
  • Comply with all University policies and regulations pertaining to student organizations and be in “good standing” with the University, as seen through the Student Resolution Center.
  • Student organizations cannot be for-profit businesses. If affiliated with a national organization (may not be a for-profit entity), a letter of affiliation must be submitted to SLiCE. The affiliate may not be a for-profit entity. A copy of 501(c)(3) status may be requested at the time of registration. The letter of affiliation must be sent to when registering. Additionally, RSOs cannot sell items more than 2 times/semester and cannot invoice anyone, otherwise the RSO is acting as a vendor and thus a for-profit business.

Officer orientation is fully online!  Officer orientation covers important details and practices in a manageable manner to assist in student organization success. Officer orientation is a total of 1 hour which includes 9 content modules.  The modules consist of:

  1. Online Officer Orientation Introduction
  2. Overview of SLiCE & Resources
  3. Annual Registration & RamLink
  4. Room Reservations, Student Organization Center & Marketing
  5. Student Organization Financial Accounts, Off-Campus Accounts & Student Travel
  6. Organization Fundraisers & Grants
  7. Event Planning & Risk Management
  8. The Registered Student Organization Team & What We Offer!
  9. Registered Student Organization Resources & Where to Find Them

The information covered in officer orientation helps presidents and financial officers be more informed and ensure a successful year.

Important Note: Officer Orientation must be completed by the organization President and Financial Officer for the registration process.

Presidents and Financial Officers are required to:

  • Watch all Officer Orientation modeules
  • Pass the Officer Orientation Quiz with a 100% (You got this!)
  • Submit the organization’s RamLink registration form (note that registration forms will not be reviewed until officer orientation is complete)


Great, you watched the Online Officer Orientation! Now complete the Orientation Quiz.

Important Note: Officer Orientation must be completed by the organization President and Financial Officer for the registration process.

Presidents and Financial Officers are required to:

  • Watch all Officer Orientation modeules
  • Pass the Officer Orientation Quiz with a 100% (You got this!)

The organization’s constitution is the organization’s guiding document! It is important that the constitution outline specific guidelines, structure, and ways the organization will be governed. Reviewing and amending, if necessary, the constitution every year is highly recommended.

The organization’s constitution must be created or updated before the registration form is completed.

All existing organizations must update their constitutions as recognition criteria has changed for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

For more details on CSU constitutional requirements, formatting and drafting, please refer to the Constitution Template (linked below) or the Registered Student Organization Handbook.

Completing the RamLink registration form is the final step!

All officers’ names are a matter of public record at CSU.  Please be advised that names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses will be released if requested. RSO information is not sold or otherwise provided to any for-profit organizations.

An existing organization? 

Visit RamLink. Search for your organization in the search box (upper middle of the page) or see it under your organization membership profile.  Navigate to your organization’s RamLink page and click on the “Register” button located in the blue banner.

A new organization?

Congratulations on your pursuit to create a new student organization here at CSU! The SLiCE office recommends that you meet with a Registered Student Organization team member for some guidance.  The Registered Student Organization team member can provide you with some best practices on getting your student organization started, how to find an advisor, membership recruitment and other important items critical to success.

Additionally, the registration form for a new organization can be found on RamLink. Simply sign in with your CSU eID and password  and navigate to the “Organizations” tab on the top of the page.  Click on “Register An Organization” on the left of the page.

For additional questions regarding student organization registration, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or contact the RSO team to learn more about your organizational status.