Campus Activities Programming Grant

Background Information

In an effort to expand programming in the Lory Student Center and to increase collaboration between Campus Activities, student organizations, and CSU departments, ASAP has set aside funding to support programming both in the Lory Student Center and on the CSU campus.

ASAP Co-Programming Grant

The ASAP Co-Programming Grant is currently undergoing changes and therefore will not be available for the Spring 2010 semester. All programs previously passed for the Spring 2010 semester will still receive funding.We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Please consider applying for our sponsorship, look below for details.

ASAP Sponsorship

The ASAP Sponsorship is designed to encourage CSU recognized organizations/departments to program in the Lory Student Center after 6:00p.m. Groups can apply for a sponsorship for up to $200 to support their program.  The fund is supported by student fee dollars, collected through the Lory Student Center fee allocation, and a partnership with Lory Student Center Business Partners supports the underwriting of the ASAP Sponsorship Fund. 


Please contact Evan Fullenbach, Finance Coordinator