Travel Policy

All students are permitted to travel in association with the business of their registered student organization(s). As representatives and ambassadors of Colorado State University, students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow University policy and Federal, State, and local laws.

All travel must be authorized in advance by the student organization’s faculty/staff advisor and/or sports coordinator, documenting the benefit and its relation to the primary purpose of the University.

General Travel

Student organizations must have a duly authorized Colorado State University representative traveling with them in any of the following circumstances:

  1. When the duration of travel is greater than 24hours, or
  2. When traveling out of state (except to Cheyenne or Laramie, Wyo.).

Authorized University representatives are full-time faculty, staff members (administrative/ professional or state classified), or graduate assistants. In some cases, duly authorized representatives may be an officially appointed coach or trip coordinator.


Duly authorized University representatives may be provided liability protection if the use is consistent with their responsibilities. The State may provide liability protection on the use of Transportation Services (Motorpool) vehicles if the student(s) driving are “authorized volunteers” (State Statue CRS 24-10-101 et seq) and the use is consistent with the destination and purpose of the documented travel. While a student organization in itself cannot be an “authorized volunteer,” individual members may be classified as such if their travel meets all criteria of this policy. The statute requires compliance with three important factors to qualify as an authorized volunteer: The individual(s) driving must in all cases be acting,

  1. At the request of the University,
  2. Under the control of the University, and
  3. For the benefit of the University.

Authorized volunteer forms are available in the SLiCE office and Recreational Sports Office or on the office web pages. No State liability protection is provided for any personal or other unauthorized use of a vehicle. Thus, even if the vehicle is being used primarily for an authorized purpose, protection does not exist for any deviations from the designated purpose or authorized destination(s). Furthermore, no such protection is afforded when any use of a vehicle involves willful and wanton behavior, such as driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair judgment.

Speaker/Performer Travel

Travel costs for guest speakers and performers are to be included in their honorarium contracts and they will make their own travel arrangements.

State-owned vehicles may not be used:

  1. For religious or political use.
  2. For personal or non-state employee business.
  3. For personal benefit of any individual.

Use of Personal Vehicles

Students are discouraged from taking personal vehicles on University-related trips. If a student organization chooses to travel in personal vehicles, a Travel Authorization form must be completed and approved by the Student Organizations Office or the Recreational Sports Office (Revised June 2002).

There are many stringent regulations placed on the use of student organization money by the State and the University for travel and related travel expenses. If you are planning a trip, stop by the Student Organizations Office so we can walk you through purchasing airline tickets and vehicle rental. Please do this as soon as possible or at least a month, preferably 60 days in advance.

Organizational Travel

Travel expenses must be turned in within one month of trip’s completion. The traveler must complete a Pre-trip travel form at least one month, preferably 60 days in advance to authorize the travel. Here is the procedure:

  1. Fill out a Travel Information Form. Complete all blanks on the form, including employee number, as CSU’s travel system requires this information. Include all information regarding travel agency and other anticipated expenses. It is important to estimate pre-trip expenses as accurately as possible. Turn this form in to the SLiCE Office or e-mail it to  For airline flight bookings, please make an appointment with Lea Martin, SLiCE accountant, and bring desired flight informaiton. This step is extremely important, as your travel cannot be processed without it. All travel forms must be accompanied by completed financial document request forms.
  2. Airfare purchases can only be made through two state-approved travel agencies: New Horizons Travel and Frosch Travel (formerly Travel Connection). Please contact SLiCE for the process involved.
  3. During your trip, accumulate all of your original travel expense receipts which will account for all of your expenditures. Make a list of all the individual expenses incurred and bring all original receipts and list to the SLiCE office.  This must be completed within seven days after you return.  In accordance with Travel Office policy, paperwork not completely routed through Travel Office within 30 days of the date of travel will not be paid.  After the Travel Reimbursement is prepare, it will route to the traveler to certify/approve the travel document for processing.