Strategic and Integrative Marketing


The Lory Student Center provides a variety of event signage options to maximize the visibility of events in the building and help your participants easily find their way! Choose your signage options that vary in size, design and price.

Advertise in the LSC

More than 20,000 students, faculty and staff visit the Lory Student Center each day during the academic year, so LSC marketing avenues provide excellent outlets to broadcast your marketing message to a wide audience.

Strategic Planning

Colab's strategic-planning process includes a comprehensive creative-strategy brief that provides valuable insights into your customers' buying behavior and enables our team to achieve your marketing goals.

LSC Brand Champion

The mission of the Lory Student Center Marketing Shop is to uplift the LSC brand perception within Colorado State University's brand and increase marketing effectiveness of programs and services in the Lory Student Center.

What Services Do We Offer the Lory Student Center?

Colab U

Colab: The Lory Student Center marketing shop provides all LSC entities, service and business partners with seminars that cover a wide variety of marketing-related topics.

Project Management

Collaboration is essential with our customers to ensure that their marketing efforts are on-target and is made possible with our cloud-based project management tool Function Point.

University Brand Support

The Colab marketing shop works together with Colorado State University Creative Services team in their efforts to brand University communications throughout the LSC.

Marketing 201

Marketing 201 is an opportunity for all LSC staff to learn about the importance of marketing. Register today and if you are one of the first 100 registered will receive a free day-to-day pad.