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Est. 1962 | Re-Est. 2014


History of the LSC

Our story began in 1962 and has been evolving since that groundbreaking year. The journey to making the LSC what it is today is nothing short of intriguing. Let’s travel through the years.

Future of the LSC

In 2013, the LSC started down the path of rejuvenation. Students voted to endorse this infusion of energy into their home away from home, and after final approval the plan was put into action.

Building Hours

Staying on campus during break? A full list of all regular Lory Student Center building hours, as well as Thanksgiving break and Winter break hours can be found here.

Department Contact List

Here you will find a comprehensive list of departments who call the Lory Student Center home and their telephone and fax numbers in a alphabetical list for quick access.

The LSC’s Mission:

As a student-centered organization at the heart of campus, we provide programs and services that create an inclusive community and inspire active, engaged learning.

Our Mission

As a student-centered organization at the heart of campus, we provide programs and services that create an inclusive community and inspire active, engaged learning.

Commitment to Inclusive Excellence

It will take a collective lift and relentless focus to center inclusive excellence in our everyday work. LSC employees will strive to engage in discussions, create safety in differing viewpoints, and build bridges to transform our community, not simply create a list of transactions. In recognizing that comfort and transformation don’t typically live on the same block, we will strive to build trust, respect, and fairness in our discussions and actions. Diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging work is hard, humbling, and a journey. We will seek feedback and commit to being accountable.

This is Your Lory Student Center at Colorado State University.

Located in the heart of Colorado State University’s campus in Fort Collins, the Lory Student Center, fondly known as the LSC, enjoys a high percentage of sunny days and a breathtaking view of the Foothills. From its inception, the LSC has been a student-centered student center.

Today, this same fervor for student feedback emanates through the rejuvenated building that is standing 50-plus years strong. The LSC is a centralized location for students, staff, faculty, alumni and passersby in their united front as Ram fans.

After World War II, William Morgan set forth plans to prepare the campus for post-war enrollment. Morgan was CSU’s visionary president from 1949–1969. Administrative predictions projected that CSU would more than double in size in 1970. However, CSU met these enrollment markers much earlier in the year 1962. According to an interview conducted by Mike Davis, executive director of alumni relations in 2002, Morgan said the need for a new student union was a big one. CSU based the current location on a Morgan’s desire to create a place for students to gather between classes. Thus, the Lory Student Center would be built between academic buildings and student housing.

On April 9, 1960, the school began construction on the LSC. That same day, seven student leaders were featured in a photo around the “Coming Soon” sign for the up-and-coming student union. Since this historic day, these seven students have gained notoriety as the LSC 7. They demonstrate the importance of that student’s voice at CSU and within its student center. Jim Hindman, Nancy Allen, Nancy Williams, Lory Tyler, Nancy Mitchell, Bill Neighbors and Dennis Repp were among this original LSC 7. These valued members of the CSU community and student body represented the student voice that supported CSU through big changes toward a better future. Most importantly, they demonstrated what it truly means to be a CSU Ram and to further CSU’s aims to maintain a substantial student-centered focus.

Meet the LSC Leadership Team

The Lory Student Center Through the Ages