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Accessibility Resources for Events in the LSC

We at the Lory Student Center are excited to welcome all guests and are proud to serve the disabled community. On this page you will find information about the accommodations, services, and policies of the facility. It is our goal to provide the best experience possible and we hope that this information will assist in making your event experience memorable.

Guest/Attendee Access Guide for Events

All events held at the LSC provide accessible seating for those who need it, as well as companion seating.  Seating diagrams of the Ballrooms, Theatre, and meeting rooms can be found in the next tab below.

For lectures, accessible seating is provided at the front and back of the lecture, as well as in balcony for events in the LSC Theatre.  Companion seating is provided at each location as well.

For banquetsclassroom setups, or conference tables a chair may be removed from any location to provide accessible seating.

For any further questions, please call the Event Planning Services office at (970) 491-0229 or email

Below are sample diagrams of the Ballrooms, Theatre, and a meeting room to show how accessible seating and companion seating are arranged. Click on any example to see the full image.

Grand Ballroom ABGrand Ballroom ABCD seatingCherokee Ballroom seatingNorth Ballroom seatingTheater seatingLongs Peak seatingGrand Ballroom A seating

Wheelchairs, Assistive Listening Devices, and ASL interpreters can be provided at an attendee’s request. Please submit this request at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

All of the room signs on the South side of the building have a Braille translation underneath.

For any other specific requests or needs, please inform your Event Planner, organizer, or call the Event Planning Services at (970) 491-0229.

At this time, the LSC does not offer live captioning of event videos. However, if a recording of their event is ordered in the reservation, it can be captioned afterwards at the client’s request.

We encourage presenters to provide captioning of any presentations at events.

If you or any of your guests attending an event have specific dietary restrictions, please contact your event organizer to ensure those needs are met. Feel free to contact Catering at least 2 weeks prior to the event with any further questions or concerns.

There are elevators conveniently located throughout the building on every level. Please refer to the Maps of LSC tab to see their exact locations.

There is at least one (1) Building Manager trained in crowd management in the building during open hours.  The building manager or event staff are available to answer questions about nearest exits and evacuation plans.  All exits in the building, including in event spaces, are clearly labeled.


The LSC is dedicated to all events being inclusive and safe for all guests.  The following items are prohibited in the LSC:

  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or marijuana (medical or otherwise) in any form.
  • Any prohibited weapons.

Some events may have further restrictions.  When metal detector screening is required for an event, alternative accommodations for screening will be provided to those who need it. Guests who refuse screening will be denied entry.

For more information, please see CSU Police policies.

For minor injuries, all Building Managers on staff are trained in Basic First Aid/CPR and can be reached at (970) 215-7112. If there is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) are located at most elevators and can be found on the Maps of LSC tab.

The food vendors in the LSC are accessible for all guests. Please refer to Dining at the Lory Student Center for more information.

There is a Lactation Room located on the third floor for nursing mothers who may need it. Please refer to the Maps of LSC tab for its location.

The maps indicate accessible entrances, accessible restrooms, and other amenities.  Click below for a larger image of each level.

100 Level Floor plan200 Level Floor plan300 Level Floor plan

Accessible parking for the LSC is located near two of the main entrances on the North and South sides of the building. They are marked on the map below.

  • South accessible parking (Lot 425) is located just outside of Morgan Library, nearest the accessible entrance by the LSC Theatre.
  • North accessible parking (Lot 310) is located just outside of the Transit Center entrance (which is also an accessible entrance).

Both parking lots offer accessible permit and pay-to-park options.


All restrooms in the LSC are accessible for all of our guests. All-gender/family restrooms are indicated on the Maps of LSC tab.

Service dogs and service dogs-in-training are welcome at the LSC. The service dog must be required because of the attending guests disability and be trained to work or perform a task related to that. Service dogs must be harnessed, leashed, unless these devices interfere with the service dog’s work or the guests’ disability prevents these devices. In that case, the guest must maintain control of the dog through voice, signal or other effective controls.

Service dogs must be under the control of their handler and be housebroken.

Please refer to the Student Disability Center for more information.

Attending a ticketed event? Call the Box Office at (970) 491-6444 for special requests or questions.

The LSC has a limited number of wheelchairs for guest use within the building.  Please call the building manager if you need a wheelchair at (970) 215-7112.  The wheelchairs may not leave the LSC.

The LSC values our guests and strives to provide a safe, friendly and comfortable experience for all. Several measures have been put in place to make the LSC more accessible and we are constantly striving to make improvements to the experience. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how we may improve the overall experience at the LSC please give us a call at (970) 491-0229 or send us an email at

Resources for Planning an Accessible Event

All Colorado State University entities are responsible for ensuring that their programs, services, and activities are accessible.  Below you will find resources to help during the event planning process.  Many of the considerations detailed here will be incorporated by LSC Event Planning Services.

As a university we strive to be inclusive to all members of our community, including students who have a registered disability and many other members of our community with disabilities.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Colorado State University is required to provide access to programs and services to all qualified participants regardless of disability.

Considering accessibility when planning events can benefit the experience of all participants by creating a more diverse group.  Also, many accessibility considerations, such as good lighting and sound, wide walkways, captioning, etc., can benefit everyone.

Information regarding parking, routes, and room configurations can be found in the Guest/Attendee Access Guide above.  Event Services staff will assist in ensuring that the room setup and audiovisual equipment adheres to guidelines below. 


  • Nearby ADA designated parking and how can this be articulated best. 

Route and Entrance 

  • Clear signage to an accessible entrance and clear directions given to guests.  

Event Location 

  • Accessible seating options available for participants with disabilities.   
  • Accessible seating options if the audience is anticipated to be standing during event.   
  • Wide walkways (36” minimum, 60” preferred) 
  • Space to maneuver around tables.  
  • Sufficient lighting for the room, stage, and sign language interpreters.  
  • Amplified sound and assistive listening devices available.  
  • Reserved seating and locations for hard of hearing, deaf, blind, and wheelchairs.  
  • Clear signage and information regarding locations of accessible seating and restrooms.   
  • If the event is outdoors, ensure the grounds are accessible (dirt, grass, and rock surfaces are not accessible).   
  • Table microphones and lapel or lavaliere mics should be provided for people with mobility disabilities, especially people with limited use of their hands. It might be necessary to raise a mic by placing it on blocks or use a mic stand with a horizontal boom for people using wheelchairs. 

Advertisements include brochures, flyers, web flyers, email blasts, Facebook event pages, etc. Many people with disabilities will assume that events will not be accessible. It is important to include statements about access on all publicity and informational material. All advertisements should include the following statement to ensure accessibility accommodations can be requested:

  • Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by [date] to [sponsoring department contact person, phone number, and email address].

Advertisements should also direct guests to the LSC Accessible Event website:

Individuals attending campus events should be given the opportunity to request accommodations within a specific time period. These requests can often be part of event registration if attendees are required to register in advance. Types of common accommodations include:

  • Preferential seating
  • Portable amplifications systems
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Captioned media
  • Alternative formats for printed materials

For questions regarding accommodations for events at the Lory Student Center, please contact LSC Event Planning Services at 970-491-0229 or