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The Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office at Colorado State University provides an important link between students and their surrounding communities.

SLiCE brings together student organizations, student leaders and student volunteers under one umbrella; making our campus a better community and a more involved place. Being involved in SLiCE programs allows students to enrich their academic and social experience at CSU.

With 12 highly committed professional staff members and 30+ student staff members with a variety of expertise, SLiCE is not only a source for involvement of all kinds, but also a valuable resource of knowledge. Reach out to our office to discover how rewarding a slice of involvement can be!

We here at SLiCE value your feedback and recommendations, please let us know what you have to say by emailing:  

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SLiCE's Mission/Vision/Values

In solidarity, we are unyielding in our commitment to:
Identify & critically reflect upon oppressive systems that perpetuate harm in order to construct & foster belonging within purposeful communities.

We envision an equitable & just society.

Our work is guided by & in alignment with:

CSU’s Principles of Community
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Social Justice
Division of Student Affairs Values
  • Supporting all student holistically
  • Forging paths to meaning-making & fostering curiosity
  • Reflecting on & refining what we do
  • Striving to create more just communities
  • Connecting all of our work together

Lory Student Center Mission
As a student-centered organization
at the heart of campus, we provide
programs & services that create an
inclusive community & inspire active,
engaged learning.

Our Commitment

Published June 8, 2020

Recent events of hate and violence against the Black community continue to show how imbedded racism is in our society and how we need to speak up and act against injustices occurring in the Fort Collins community, other areas of the country, and world. In the last month alone, the lives of Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Sean Monterosa, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAtee, and Sean Reed have been unjustly stolen through police brutality and racialized state violence.

Black Lives Matter. Black Trans Lives Matter.

To our Black and African American community members: We hear you, we see you, and we are committed to working toward anti-racism and against anti-Blackness in our everyday lives, our programs, our office, and our spheres of influence. Leadership is about showing up, and we need to do better. Dismantling centuries of racial oppression will take more than sharing a few quotes by past leaders or posting a hashtag on social media. Over the years, many of you have provided feedback that our office and programs have failed to serve you in the ways that they should through our complicity in the enactment of white supremacy and whiteness. We know that we have a responsibility to provide space and equitable resources for you.

As part of the larger CSU system, we affirm these statements by President Joyce McConnell and the Office for the Vice President for Diversity. Additionally, Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLiCE) must continuously demonstrate our commitment to the enactment of these shared values. A few additions to our current office processes as well as office outcomes to more strongly align with this commitment include:

  1. Work to dismantle white supremacy ideals in ourselves, in the SLiCE staff, and in the community through regular reflection, personal knowledge and skill-building, joint staff initiatives and meetings and more.
  2. Acknowledge that a budget is a moral document. Review spending and financial processes to ensure alignment between our office values and actions.
  3. Seek out and be accountable to and open to feedback from our students, our community members, and our service partners through multiple communicative avenues: community needs assessments, a bi-annual review open meeting and programmatic assessment and feedback gathering.
  4. Center programming that provides opportunities for influencing policy changes at all levels (e.g. advocacy, activism, promoting voter registration, attending and speaking at local government) as well as short term engagement efforts that highlight and disrupt injustice (e.g. signing petitions, donating money, exercising the right to protest, contacting elected officials).
  5. Ensure programmatic content that focuses on anti-racist philosophy, pedagogy and action.

We will continue to evaluate and build upon our commitments above. We understand these are only words on a page until the action is displayed, and we work to build trust.

In solidarity,
SLiCE staff

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