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How We Can Make Your Event Planning Amazing

Are you looking to host a virtual or hybrid event?  LSC AV & Technical Services can help!  Visit our Virtual Event Technology page for more information!

Room Reservations

Please use our online reservation form to request an event space in the Lory Student Center. You may also call (970) 491-0229 and speak with a reservationist. Reservations are tentative until you have received confirmation from our office.

Room and Event Spaces

The event spaces in the Lory Student Center offer a wide variety of options to ensure hosting an event is extremely easy. Most spaces are versatile and include state of the art audiovisual equipment and catering available to make your event a success.

Equipment Rentals

Event Services provides event equipment and audiovisual technology for all events in the LSC and for many outdoor events. From tables, chairs, and stages to the latest video, audio, and lighting technology, Event Services can ensure your event is unique and successful.

Event Accessibility

Our expectation is that all meetings and events at the LSC are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Taking care to create an accessible event allows all to fully engage in the program. Explore these resources if you are attending or planning an event.

Envision Your Next Event Hosted at the Lory Student Center

Do you need space to hold an event? Event Planning Services can help! Our wide variety of spaces can accommodate your staff or student organization meetings, lecture, workshop, or a special event.

Our coordinators will work with you to determine the space, technology and equipment that is right for you. If you plan on including food or beverages, the talented LSC Catering staff is here to add that delicious final touch.

To start your event planning, please contact us by telephone at (970) 491-0229, email at lsc_epo_staff@mail.colostate.edu, or stop by the Event Planning Office, weekdays 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m in room LSC 315 (upper level).

Event Planning and Services Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer several ways to reserve space which include:

  • Online: You can reserve space online using the Room Reservation Request Form link.
  • Phone: You can reserve space by calling us at (970) 491-0229.
  • Email: You can reserve space by emailing us:  lsc_epo_staff@Mail.Colostate.edu
  • In Person: Visit the Lory Student Center Event Planning Front Desk, located in the Lory Student Center, during our office hours (Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 5pm).

As long as you provide us with the information that we need, we can process your request quickly and send you a confirmation.

Before contacting Event Planning please be prepared to answer the following questions when you are ready to book space in the Lory Student Center:

  • What is the date of the event? Do you have second or third alternative dates?
  • What is the exact event time? Do you need extra time before or after the event for set-up or clean-up?
  • Do you have a room preference?
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What is the event type? (Meeting, Lecture, Dinner, Reception, Seminar, etc.)
  • What type of room furniture set-up do you need? (lecture, round tables, classroom, conference)
  • How many people are you estimating to attend the event?
  • What is the title of the event?
  • What type of audio-visual equipment do you need? (microphones, LCD projectors, special sound systems)
  • Who is the sponsoring organization? Are you authorized to commit funds for the sponsoring organization?
  • Do you have the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address for the designated contact person or persons?
  • Do you have an event agenda?
  • What type of audio-visual equipment do you need? (microphones, LCD projectors, special sound systems)
  • Will you be ordering catering? (Catering Menu: lsccatering.com)
  • Will tickets be sold at the event?
  • We reserved space for the following venues:

    • 6 Ballrooms
    • 1 Theatre
    • 30 Meeting Rooms
    • Outdoor Areas
  • For Summer (Mid-May through Mid-August): Submit requests in January
  • For Fall/Spring Semester: Submit requests in March

Requests are processed in the order they are received.

We process request within 24 hours for simple meeting spaces during the current academic year. It may take 48 hours to process a request for a larger space (ballroom and theater) during the current academic year. Please be prepared to wait for the next academic year’s requests for approximately 30 days.

No, the Lory Student has exclusive rights on all food and beverages served in the Lory Student Center and outdoor spaces. Please contact the Catering Coordinator (970) 491-5332 to order refreshments for your event.

The Lory Student Center Building Manager is always on call when the building is open. You can reach this person on their cell phone at 970-215-7112. They will unlock your room and assist with audio-visual connections.

Students must be an officer in the club listed on the organization’s RamLink roster to make reservations for meeting, ballroom, and outdoor space.

The Lory Student Center is very busy with over 13,000 events booked each year. In order to provide space for all organizations, we ask that you be aware of cancellation policies. Ballrooms and Theatre bookings must be cancelled at least 60 days in advance to avoid cancellation charges. Meeting rooms should be cancelled as soon as possible, so that we can book the space for another organization. If you do not show up to a meeting, we will assess a No-Show Fee.

Plan Ahead
It is best to contact an event planner 3-6 months before a large event, such as a banquet, dance, lecture, conference, or concert. Before you send out invitations or advertisements, contact your event planner and secure a space. The earlier you start, the more likely you are to secure your preferred venue and date. We book up very quickly during the fall and spring semester.

Events can be produced on all budgets. We can help you plan your event based on your budget, just be sure to have dollar figures in mind while you’re planning. White is usually less expensive than color when dealing with linens. Simple and plain is usually most elegant. Purchase items that your organization can re-use many times, as opposed to disposable or one time use items.

Know the number of guests
You don’t want your guests to be crowded, but you also want to adequately fill the space. Don’t forget about the activities taking place at your event and the space required. Discuss the size of your event with an event planner. Our professional staff can guide you in this process.

Determine the event’s look and feel
Ordering equipment and determining a room’s furniture placement will be simplified if you plan in advance how you want your event to look and feel. With your event planner, discuss what elements you want at your event, such as food tables, staging, podiums, sound equipment, and decorations. You can view sample

Be prepared if your event is outside. Many extra considerations go into planning an event outside, including renting a tent or rain site in case of bad weather. Many times, extra equipment is needed, such as garbage cans, fencing, electricity, heaters, additional lighting, and more.

Read confirmations carefully. Event Planning Services will provide you with a confirmation detailing every aspect of your event. Read the confirmation carefully. If you don’t see something on the confirmation, chances are it won’t be at the event.

Know the maximum capacity. Before inviting guests, it is best to know how you want the space set up and what the maximum capacity is for that set up. Buffets, stages, award tables, and more take space away from the room, which will affect how many guests the room can accommodate.


Events at the Lory Student Center (LSC) are planned beginning in January of each year for the next school year. The priority system for scheduling is as follows:

  1. These events are established by the University Calendar Committee and include Orientation, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Commencements, holidays, and vacations.
  2. These events include all of those which, by necessity, must be contracted through the office of Campus Activities far in advance, such as film series, concerts, and lectures.
  3. These events are, for the most part, traditional in nature and are dependent upon the University calendar. For example: Centertainment, Blood Drives, and International Festivals.
  4. Between February 1 and April 30 of each year and after events in priorities I, II & III have been scheduled, recognized student organizations and academic/administrative departments are requested to select dates and facilities for their special events and meetings for the next calendar year. These will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Once the above requirements and deadlines are completed, calendar dates and/or facilities are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

All building users are encouraged to anticipate room needs well in advance of their event and are further encouraged to confirm room reservations for legitimate room needs as far in advance as policies allow. Reservation requests made less than one week prior to the event may be unable to be accommodated. Every effort will be made to explore alternatives with conflicting groups.

Tentative reservations made by any group, individual, or organization will be held for 2 weeks. Notice of confirmation or cancellation must occur within those 2 weeks or the room will be released.

Reservations made for a recognized student organization must be in the spirit of the purpose or mission of that organization.

The person making the reservation is the guarantor that the costs associated with the event are paid in full.

Student organizations or University departments can reserve up to 2 meeting spaces per week for standing reservations throughout the school year.

Recognized student organizations can reserve the Ballroom(s), the LSC Theatre, the East Plaza spaces, the Commons and the West Lawn up to 8 (eight) times per semester. Recognized student organizations receiving more than $100,000 dollars in student fees and whose mission is directly congruent with the mission of the LSC may be granted special consideration.

Non-recognized student organizations may reserve one meeting room on a one-time basis prior to becoming recognized. Contact the Student Organizations Office (491-1682) for more information.

Study groups are encouraged to use one of the many lounges available and will not be allowed to reserve meeting space for such purposes.

The LSC reserves the right to move a group to another space.

The LSC reserves the right to deny services to any individual or organization which has a prior history of violating LSC policies.

Approved by the Lory Student Center Governing Board, March 21, 2003