What Types of Advertising Opportunities are in the Lory Student Center?

Lory Student Center Marketing offers a variety of digital, print and social media advertising opportunities that include digital-display advertising, posters, display cases and kiosks.


Ways to Advertise Through LSC Marketing

Leveraging the Lory Student Center to Spread Your Message

The Lory Student Center is host to more than 22,000 visitors everyday during the academic school year. This level of activity provides our business partners, service partners, LSC entities, and student organizations an opportunity to market their products or services using the vast amount of advertising opportunities available to them through the LSC Marketing department.

LSC Marketing offers a wide array of marketing techniques such as digital, print and social media to broaden the reach of our messaging. Our creative marketing team and graphic designers can work with departments in the LSC cluster to craft a targeted campaign using any of advertising tools to leverage the Lory Student Center.

To schedule a consultation to discuss the wide variety of advertising opportunities within the Lory Student Center, contact our marketing team through the contact form located here or please call (970) 491-4898.