Exception Request

Submitting an Exception Request?

Exception Requests apply to activities or events held in the Lory Student Center or on the Lory Student Center Plaza, produced for the betterment of the CSU Community. These activities often include issues relevant to freedom of speech, civic awareness, social interaction, or educational enrichment. Consistent with Lory Student Center policy, programs may be sponsored by currently recognized student organizations, CSU departments, or Student Fee funded areas. The Exception Request form below is intended to find solutions for such events if any current policy prevents the event’s completion, execution,or implementation.

The LSC Governing Board retains the right to accept all or part of the Exception Request. Approval or disapproval of the Exception Request does not reflect the LSC Governing Board’s assessment of the value of the activity.

An Exception Request is designed to provide a temporary exception to standard operational policies. LSC Policies are available at Event Planning Services or on the LSC Policy Page.

All applications must be submitted to the LSCGB Vice Chair at least 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the event.

Steps to apply for an exception request:

  1. Check with Event Planning Services for available space.
  2. Submit an Exception Request for approval with the LSC Governing Board.
  3. Present exemption request form in front of the LSC Governing Board. (optional)
  4. Confirm application with LSC Governing Board Vice Chair and the Event Planning Office.
  5. Confirm with the Event Planning Office if the request has been approved.

Exception Request Form