Annual Reports

Lory Student Center Annual Reports

Annual reports provide insight into a broad range analytics to stakeholders who can identify the career staff culture at Lory Student Center and find opportunities within to help grow that culture.

We urge all of our employees to explore this information and understand how the University, and more specifically the Lory Student Center, is cultivating an environment of long-term positive growth from within.

Assessment, Planning, and Effectiveness (APE) Committee Annual Reports

The Lory Student Center (LSC) offers a variety of programs and services to the Colorado State University community. The Council for the Advancement of Standards for College Unions and Student Centers (2009) requires student unions and centers have a clearly articulated assessment plan that documents the achievement of stated goals and outcomes, demonstrate accountability, provide evidence of improvement, and describe resulting changes in programs and services. Further, increased demand for accountability on the part of accreditation agencies, governing bodies, and students have presented institutions with the opportunity to focus on assessment as a part of the organizational culture. To best serve students, student center staff must infuse tracking, documenting, and evaluating into the work they do within the LSC. The APE committee aims to model this work. As a result, an Assessment, Planning, and Effectiveness (APE) committee was formed January 2015 with the goal of addressing assessment efforts throughout the LSC.