Storm at the Sea

By Tony Fowler

One piece that can be found in our collection is one titled Storm at the Sea by artist Tony Fowler. Storm at sea is a digital print that can be found outside the CSU Student Disability Center.

Tony’s work was first shown in the Curfman Gallery in 2017 for the De’VIA show. De’VIA stands for Deaf View/ Image Art. De’VIA artists focus specifically on the Deaf experience. They themselves might be Deaf or they may be hard of hearing or those who are able to hear but have Deaf experiences, e.g. a child of Deaf parents. De’VIA art can be resistive or affirmative. Resistive art focuses on the oppression of the Deaf, and affirmative art focuses on a unique cultural space and the Deaf experience as an intrinsically valuable one.

Tony Fowler is a deaf artist who grew up in Houston, TX and studied at Advanced Visual Art School, Houston Community College, and North Harris County College. He currently lives in Parker, CO.

Tony has been creating art since his elementary eras, working with pencil sketching, collages, watercolor, and oil paintings. In recent years, Tony has been working on both 3D digital modeling and painting along with his 2D work. This is a quote from his biography on his website, “Several of his work is compared to a puzzle whose code needs to be discovered; yet he invites the audience to provide their own interpretation of his art.”

He has focused on digital painting and animation since 2012. His work draws on dreams, symbolism, and the universal unconscious. Much of his work focuses on the supernatural, irrational, and mysterious. By emphasizing the absurd and turning reality upside down he hopes

to wake up viewers from their established perceptions and the fact that they have become accustomed to certain politics, ideologies, and propaganda.