The Aspen Grille is a Student-Operated Restaurant Located in the Lory Student Center

Room 388 | (970) 491-7006

The Aspen Grille is excited to continue our green efforts through our support of local and sustainable producers. We are also a proud member of the Green Restaurant Association.

The Aspen Grille proudly supports these locally made products: Hazel Dell Mushrooms, Jumping Good Goat Cheese, Bay State Milling Flour, Bee Squared Honey, The Welsh Rabbit, Seattle Fish Company,  Aspen Bakery, Haugen’s Mountain Grown Lamb, Tenderbelly pork products, and “socially conscious” coffee roasted by Cafe Richesse, a Colorado State University Alumnus-owned company

The Aspen Grille is closed for the summer, but will re-open Fall 2021! Learn more about how the Aspen Grille continued to serve fresh food in-house, with a new take-out option this past year on SOURCE, and click here for more LSC COVID-19 recovery information.


Fall 2020

Aspen Grille and the Hospitality Management Program at the Lory Student Center

Aspen Grille partners with the Hospitality Management program to provide students with a background in both food and lodging operations. This major draws upon special food service course work in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and specially designed courses in resort management and an array of courses in business. Course work provides a broad exposure to the liberal arts and sciences as well. Elective credit allows students to tailor their own program of study to their particular interest. The major provides access to a broad array of employment possibilities.

The Department maintains close ties with the hospitality industry locally, statewide, and nationally in an effort to establish as many employment opportunities as possible. This expanding service industry encompasses commercial restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, leisure-time industries such as clubs and resorts, health care facilities, and educational institutions.

The HM major is controlled for students who are currently enrolled at CSU. In order to change your major into RRM, you must have a GPA of 2.7, and have completed FSHN150 and CHEM107 with a grade of “C” or better. Incoming students can declare RRM as their major without these criteria.


Frequently Asked Questions

What COVID-19 precautions is the Aspen Grille taking?

The Aspen Grille is following all state, county, and university guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID -19. Read about how the Aspen Grille continues to serve fresh food in-house, with a new take-out option.

Do I have to wear a face covering at my table?

No but please wear it upon entering the restaurant and whenever you may need to leave your table.

What are the Aspen Grille’s hours?

Tuesday – Friday from 11am – 1pm.11 – 1:30 Monday – Friday. Monday is takeout only

Is the Aspen Grille open for in person dining?

Yes but reservations are required.

Does the Aspen Grille do takeout orders?

Yes! You can call during our business hours or utilize our online ordering app.

How long does it take before I can pick up my order?

Please allow 20 – 30 minutes for us to prepare your food.

Does the Aspen Grille serve alcohol?

Yes we serve a modest variety of beer and wine. 2 drink maximum per guest.

Can I use a P-Card at the Aspen Grille?

Yes, please let your server know to remove tax at time of payment.

Can I use RamCash at the Aspen Grille?

Not at this time.

Can I use an Internal Order at the Aspen Grille?

Yes but we cannot bill you. You will need to bring in the physical internal order form made out for an amount greater than what you think your party will spend. Our accountants will adjust the charge accordingly and send out an invoice of the charge.

How many people can set at one table?

Our maximum amount at one table is 6.

Why doesn’t the Aspen Grille open at the beginning of the semester?

Three weeks of orientation and training are required in order for our students to professionally and safely serve our guests.

Aspen Grille Faculty

Josh Olson

Aspen Grille
Operations Manager

Ken Symsack

Aspen Grille
Kitchen Coordinator