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The Event Planning Office would love to help you organize your event, so please feel free to give us a call at 491-0229 and one of our friendly professionals will help you get the space you need and the room setup you want for your important event.

Check out our Room and Event Spaces page to find out more about pricing. Fill out the form below to make an event space reservation.

Are you looking to host a virtual or hybrid event?  LSC AV & Technical Services can help!  Visit our Virtual Event Technology page for more information!

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Due to COVID-19, the guidelines for meetings and events are constantly changing. For the health of all attendees and staff, we are adhering to strict parameters around crowd sizes and event procedures. The CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team advises that any and all events or meetings should be held virtually unless they are unable to do so. If you believe that you cannot hold your event virtually, fill out this form and your request will be reviewed. Please keep in mind that because of social distancing requirements, our space is limited. For questions, please call (970) 491-0229.

Please contact us at for questions.