Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor

In a society where complex problems and their solutions cross academic disciplines and national borders, students would benefit from literacy which complements traditional college education with knowledge and skills to participate effectively and ethically in the process of collaborative leadership. To this end, the Interdisciplinary Minor in Leadership Studies builds on the foundational course work in the President’s Leadership Program to introduce students to pressing social issues and challenge them to create solutions as civically-minded leaders.

~ FOUNDATIONAL COURSES1…………………………………………………..…..14 credits
IU 170* – A Call to Lead: Theories and Foundations (2 credits)
IU 171 – A Call to Lead: Social Change Model (2 credits)
IU 270* – Leadership Styles I: Personal Application (2 credits)
IU 271 – Leadership Styles II: Prominent Leadership (2 credits)
IU 470* – Effective Leadership I: Success as a Leader (3 credits)
IU 471 – Effective Leadership II: Vision and Change (3 credits)


~ IU 486, 487, or 498 PRACTICUM/INTERNSHIP/RESEARCH2………………………4 credits
(Students may take up to two consecutive semesters to complete the credits)

~ TOTAL CREDITS (minimum of 12 upper division) credits………………….……….21 credits

     1 Requires admission to the President’s Leadership Program
     2 Students may substitute courses from their major department that meets the course objectives (e.g.: xxx 486, xxx 487, or xxx 498) with the minor advisor’s approval.

The President’s Leadership Program (PLP) offered its first leadership class in 1989 and has since expanded to six courses totaling fourteen credits. The curriculum reflects a modern interpretation of leadership as a processof people working together to effect positive change, rather than a position of one person or the powerful elite.

The mission of the President’s Leadership Program is to develop active, informed citizen leaders who practice ethical, inclusive leadership and embody positive humanitarian characteristics such as optimism, service to others, passion, mindfulness, and fairness.  In an effort to reach this mission, PLP develops tomorrow’s leaders by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to make positive change.  Each class has a significant service-learning component that addresses pressing societal issues such as poverty and sustainability.  Course objectives focus on leadership theory, styles, and practices, personal development, values and ethics, organizational and group behavior, communication, global and cultural awareness, service to community, and purpose and meaning making.

The Leadership Studies Minor aims to further prepare students to serve effectively in formal and informal leadership roles in campus, local, national and global contexts. Faculty and students in the Minor maintain a commitment to advancing diverse and innovative studies of leadership by building on existing theoretical, empirical and experiential knowledge. The Minor provides a structure for students involved to create their own understandings and practice of leadership grounded in their disciplinary training but philosophically influenced by interdisciplinary others. As a result, both experiences in, and commitments to, civic engagement and multicultural competence are required.

The Minor refines and expands the existing set of credit-bearing leadership courses in the President’s Leadership Program. Courses proposed for the Minor include six Intra-University PLP courses, one capstone experience in the student’s major, and an independent study/research based applied practicum mentored by a sponsoring faculty and the Minor advisor. The curriculum creates a shared understanding of leadership which then expands to academic disciplines through upper-division capstone coursework and integration with the student’s discipline.

At the completion of the Minor students will be able to:

Develop effective communication, personal and group leadership skills
Value the multidisciplinary nature of leadership
Practice systems thinking
Engage in principled dissent, accepting and appreciating other world-views
Practice humanitarian skills and value social responsibility towards current social issues
Practice collective efficacy and civic responsibility
Increase knowledge and understanding of innovative leadership practice
Both the President’s Leadership Program and the Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies Minor reside within the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and are administered under the guidance of the Division of Student Affairs through the Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLICE) Office.

The Office of the President, the Lory Student Center, and an endowment created by the Boettcher Foundation for Distinct Educational Program generously supported the vision and creation of these programs.