Student Involvement: Registered Student Organizations

CSU is home to over 475 student organizations! There are various organizations ranging from academic/pre-professional to social and recreational.  Student organizations makes CSU a vibrant and exciting community.  Finding and joining a student organization that aligns with your passions, interests and curiosities is easy!  Visit RamLink, CSU’s involvement hub, to find your student organization!

VIrtual RSO Resources

Find ways to manage your organization and connect with members online!

The SLiCE office has moved to virtual operations. For information on the status of specific programs and services, click here.

Become a Recognized Student Organization

Student Organization Registration

Student organizations at CSU complete an annual registration process. This three step process is necessary to become a recognized organization.

Create Constitution

Your organization's constitution is the foundation of the group. Click the button below to view a model constitution to get started!

Student Organization Resources

Search Existing Orgs

If you're looking for a specific student organization to join or sponsor, you can search, filter and sort through the 450-plus student organizations on campus.

Funding & Accounts

Multiple funding opportunities can assist registered student organizations with programs, initiatives and help throughout the academic year.


RamLink is the Involvement Portal for Colorado State University. Utilize RamLink to find hundreds of involvement opportunities here at CSU.

Student Org Center

This space is designed to help enhance activities and is available to all members and advisors of registered student organizations at CSU.

RSO Handbook

This go-to guidebook provides all you need to help become a successful student organization. From financial policies to procedures on becoming a registered organization.

Retreats & Workshops

SLiCE's annual Organization Officer Retreat is a time to learn how to bring your organizational leadership to the next level. Join us to learn effective leadership skills and have fun!

Documents & Forms

Having conflict in your student organization? Want to learn how to create a meeting agenda? Allow SLiCE to help you with your needs with our resource brochures.

Be True To Yourself

Join an organization that promotes an enriched student experience and life-long friendships. Here are some tips on joining healthy student organization at CSU.

Travel Information

Whether you are flying across the country, attending a national convention or traveling a short distance SLiCE can help you and your organization with your upcoming travel plans.

Advising Resources

Advisors are critical to student organization success and of great value to students. Advisors play a role in students' learning and development as well as establish relationships.

Involvement Expo

CSU students get involved on campus and in the community by connecting with Registered Student Organizations, Community Agencies and CSU departments.

CSU Student Leadership Awards

The CSU Student Leadership Awards, honors and recognizes Registered Student Organizations, campus leaders and involved students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Officer Orientation?

Officer orientation is a one-hour presentation covering the following topics: RamLink registration; reserving spaces on campus; event planning and risk management, University policies, procedures, and resources; and financial management and fundraising.  The information covered in officer orientation helps presidents and financial officers (who are the 2 required positions to complete the orientation) ensure a successful year for the student organization.

When is the Involvement Expo?

What are the dates for the RSO Registration?

The RSO annual registration has moved to the spring semester. Registration for the 2020-2021 academic year is Tuesday, March 10 – Sunday, May 3. 

Existing RSOs*: All existing RSOs must re-register March 10 – May 3 in order to be recognized during the 2020-2021 academic year. All registration requirements must be completed within the window in order to stay registered and maintain active status during the next academic year. Registering during the window above, you will not register your student organization again until Spring 2021. 

*There is an exception for FSL organizations on a fall/academic cycle. FSL organizations on an academic cycle will register during fall open enrollment Saturday, August 1 – Sunday, September 20. FSL organizations can always verify their registration cycle by visiting the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life  

New Student Organizations: Students wanting to start a new student organization can register during the spring registration period Tuesday, March 10 – Sunday, May 3 or during the fall open enrollment Saturday, August 1 – Sunday, September 20. 

Why are you changing the date for registration?

There are several reasons why a spring registration cycle benefits students, campus partners, and the RSO Team: 

  • Many of our RSOs conduct elections during the spring. As officers are transitioning out of their position, registering their organization is a significant order of business. This allows the officers to complete the officer training before starting their position and allow officers to have fruitful conversations regarding transition while the old and newly elected officer are still on campus.  
  • Certainly, there are a few elections that occur in the fall. It is still highly encouraged that every officer has a conversation about transition. The president and financial officer must complete the officer training before we can update our records with their new position and title. 
  • The RSO Team can prepare for the upcoming year! A spring registration cycle will help the RSO Team immensely when developing workshops, programs, and creating our academic calendar. Having an estimate of RSO allows our team to diligently plan and have access to an accurate contact list when sharing information regarding early fall events such as the Involvement Expo and our Fall RSO Retreat.  
  • Event Planning Services completes room reservations for RSO weekly meetings in April. We want to ensure organizations which have not completed the registration process during the registration period, are not reserving rooms as an RSO.  
  • Lastly, it is nice entering the academic year knowing your organizations’ status and using the summer to plan including applying for BSOF funding! 

How do I complete Officer Orientation?

The Online Officer Orientation Video + Quiz is the only pathway presidents and financial officers can take to complete registration for the spring 2017 semester.  Plan for approximately 75 minutes to watch the video and take the quiz.

What is RSO Registration?

Registration is the annual process student organizations go through in order to be recognized by SLiCE and Colorado State University. Existing student organizations must complete requirements for registration each year during the organization’s registration window to maintain active status and to receive access to university funds and resources. 

What do I need to do to register my student organization?

Existing RSOs:  

  • Update your student organization’s constitution 
  • Have your president or financial officer submit the RamLink Registration form 

New Student Organizations: 

  • Check out the RSO Handbook 
  • Check in with the RSO Team about starting a new student organization (preferred but not required) 
  • Find an advisor 
  • Create your student organization’s constitution 
  • Have your president or financial officer submit the RamLink Registration form 

I just submitted completed the registration form last semester. Do I have to do it again?

That process was for recognition during the 2019-2020 academic year. This process is for the 2020-2021 academic year. The registration form has changed as well as the officer quiz to reflect the upcoming academic year. Also, we suggest having newly elected presidents or financial officers complete the registration process. 

We acknowledge the first year may be challenging for many RSOs. We thank you for patience during this transition. Our goal with this new registration cycle is to offer better solutions for officer transition, increase accuracy and communication, minimize confusion, and increase r stewardship between our campus partners. You can send any feedback to Our goal is to make the registration process educational, concise, and organized for our students.