I Am Happiness on Earth

I Am Happiness on Earth (Yo Soy La Felicidad De Este Mundo) is a poster created by artist Alejandro Magallanes for the film “I Am Happiness on Earth” by Julián Hernández. This poster was bought from the 19th biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE) in 2015. Magallanes was also the judge and honor laureate. The poster is currently not on display and is in the Curfman Gallery Storage.

Alejandro Magallanes is an internationally recognized graphic designer, illustrator, poet and artist. He was born in Mexico City in 1971. Magallanes attended the National School of Plastic Arts of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and studied Graphic Design. He has worked as an independent graphic designer since 1994.  Magallanes experiments with poetry, animation/videos in his sculptures, photographs and drawings. His practice specializes in doing books, posters, animations, museography, web design and illustrations for cultural institutions.

Many of Magallanes work has been published in design books, some being Graphic Agitation II (Phaidon), Graphic Design Since 1950 (Thames & Hudson) and All Men Are Brothers (Hesign). Many of these books have been published around the world in China, France, Germany and Spain. In addition he has exhibited his work in Poland, Japan, Hungary, Argentina, China, Holland, Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, Belgium, France, the United States, Venezuela, Slovenia, Russia, Iran, Italy, Croatia and Mexico.

Magallanes has received multiple international awards including second place in the International Poster Biennial 2013 in the United States and first place in the Political Poster Triennale in Monds, Belgium in 2004. He has written 10 childrens books and two books of poetry. Since 2004, he has been a member of the Alliance Graphique International (AGI).

Magallanes is a founding member of the activist poster groups whose work advocates peace and justice for women and minorities. They include El Cartel del Medellin, La Corriente Electrica and Feura de Registro, who fight for peace and justice for the Zapatistas people of Chiapas and the Women of Juárez.