Many Strong Beautiful Women

Kiki Suarez, born Irene Elisabeth Oberstenfeld, grew up in Hamburg Germany where she finished university studying psychology. In 1977 she made a trip to Mexico, in the city of San Cristobal de Las Casas in the state of Chiapas she met her husband Gabriel Suárez and later on had three children. Due to the language barrier and not being able to practice psychology, she turned to painting. Her art is very symbolic in the sense that it evokes narrative topics that range from being autobiographical to intimate universal topics. Her artistic research revolved around exploring different materials and techniques such as copper engraving, weaving, collage, and use of watercolor and acrylic paint. She was heavily inspired by Mexican culture mostly taking inspiration from textiles, architecture and the people. Her art style is prevalent throughout all her work due to the characterized forms she creates, another aspect of her work is how she utilizes text in order to emphasize the meaning of her work that makes it becomes a powerful tool of communication. Her reasoning behind the piece “Many Strong Beautiful Women,” is that she wanted to showcase that the world is full of strong and beautiful women in many colors, shapes and of all ages. As she began to lose her eyesight from a hereditary condition she began an art therapy practice in Chiapas as well as her work morphed to be more settled around an activist form such as dealing with topics of Violence against women, support for people with disabilities, care for the environment, ethical values ​​and the rights of children and adolescents.