Shigeo Fukuda #2

Shigeo Fukuda is a Japanese Graphic designer and sculptor, who is known for his compelling and activism posters. He was born into a family that was involved in toy making in the 1930’s. Early on in his artist career, he was interested in the principles of Swiss design, and in 1956 he attended Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music. And was the first Japanese designer to be inducted into the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame. Fukuda was interested in Japanese Woodblock traditions, and typical in his work was using minimal graphic designs. His book Visual Illusion, was very well known among American designers, and has connections with optical illusions. He did work with more commercial clients, but in the 1970’s really focused on social and cultural concerns that were happening in society. In Japan, graphic design was often used in marketing and political advocacy posters, there was not really a connection between art and graphic designs. Fukuda, usually used commercial design references in his work, and sometimes was seen as using the designs as using visual puns. He is also a talented sculptor, and designed a sculpture of Mount Fuji made with many different coffee cans, and colorful expressionless mannequins holding coffee cups or coffee sacks. This piece has a beautiful contrast of the black and white colors and the contrast between positive and negative space adds to the aesthetic of this minimalist design. This piece can distort your vision, but still has a clear rendering between gender roles.

Shigeo Fukuda