Leveraging the Flea Market to Market Products, Services or Events

Room 130 | Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Flea Market is located on the main level of the Lory Student Center and is a great opportunity for CSU student organizations and non-CSU vendors to advertise, sell their products, raise money, or promote their services. Use of the Flea Market is by reservation only by contacting Campus Activities at (970) 491-6626 or the Flea Market Manager at (970) 491-1114.  Our office is located inside the Campus Activities suite on level 100 of the Lory Student Center.


The LSC Flea Market is closed until further notice.


How to Start Using the CSU Flea Market

Select a Booth

Start by choosing a Flea Market table, where you'll market to over 20,000 people who visit the LSC every weekday.

Sponsor a Student Org

Step two is to research and specify a student organization that your reservation fee will be allocated to when using the Flea Market.

Ready to Get Started?

Flea Market Layout

The Flea Market’s primary function is to support student organizations while providing a designated area for the CSU and outside community to promote, inform, and conduct business. The Flea Market is located on the second floor of the Lory Student Center and receives traffic from those passing to the LSC Plaza, Transit Center, Bookstore, and the Food Court. The Lory Student Center receives approximately 30,000 foot traffic daily.

Flea Market Policies

Be Sure to Read Our Flea Market Policies Carefully

  1. All entities other than official CSU recognized Student Organizations, hereinafter termed Vendors, may schedule, upon availability, up to fifteen (15) days per semester in the Flea Market at Colorado State University.
  2. Vendor tables are available for a total of $100 per day ($60 for non-profits plus documentation showing 501 C 3 status). Fees must be received by the Flea Market Office prior to the date the Vendor is scheduled in the Flea Market, and include: a signed Terms of Use form, a completed Contract, Vendor’s Tax Identification Number, a photocopy of sales tax license, and a photocopy of Certificate of Insurance (for marketing firms representing credit card companies only).
  3. Acceptable forms of payment are: company check, certified postal money order, or cash. Checks should be made out to Campus Activities, CSU. Payment must be sent or delivered to the Flea Market office, Lory Student Center, 8033 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-8033.
  4. Table and sponsor fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and not dependent on perceived success of the Vendor’s experience in the Flea Market.
  5. Vendors may not solicit customers other than from behind their reserved table. No unreasonable noise, disruptive or abusive behavior will be tolerated. Vendors must remain behind their tables and demonstrate professionalism at all times.
  6. Vendor scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space reserved is considered confirmed upon receipt of all fees and all documents described in #2 of this document.
  7. The hours of the Flea Market are Monday through Friday 8am-4:45pm
  8. Any Vendor that does not arrive within the half hour of their scheduled day/time forfeits reserved space in the Flea Market, unless previously arranged with Flea Market staff. Other Vendors reserving space for that same day may request forfeited space through the Flea Market Office.
  9. Vendors using electrical outlets must provide and utilize a surge protector for their equipment.
  10. Vendor must provide written information about its ability to back its claims and guarantees. During the Vendor’s use of the Flea Market, a statement must be made available to purchasers that sets forth the circumstances under which purchasers may return merchandise during and after the sale including the Vendor and Vendor’s representative’s addresses, and phone numbers. This information must be posted or made available for customers to take at the Flea Market site.
  11. Colorado State University reserves the right to:
  • reassign tables space if deemed necessary by the university
  • remove a Vendor from the Flea Market or restrict Vendor’s future use of the Flea Market.

Vendors will be asked to confirm they have read these policies when submitting a contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell food in the LSC Market?

This depends on the type of food that you’re selling. If you plan on selling food at the Flea Market, indicate that in the agreement along with what the food is and the company that it is from.  Please see food market policy tab for additional guidelines.

Can I distribute candy at the Flea Market?

Distributing candy at the Flea market is allowed if it is commercially produced and individually wrapped. This means that you cannot distribute baked goods that you produced.

If I cannot make my tabling day, can I get a full refund?

No, the table rental fee is non refundable. However if you contact the Flea Market manager 24 hours before your date, you may be able to reschedule.

Can I pay for my table with a credit card?

Currently we are only accepting payments in cash, check or money order.

Can I reserve more than one table?

You are more than welcome to reserve multiple tables. You will be charged per table and must indicate earlier on to ensure spots are still available. It is possible that you may not gain approval if it is a busy day.

Are there parking passes available?

Parking passes are available for $13. They can be purchased at the Campus Activities office located in the Lory Student Center.