LSC's Flea Market: What We Do

Room 130 | Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Flea Market is located on the main level of the Lory Student Center and it provides the opportunity to both CSU’s student organizations, as well as non-CSU vendors to advertise, raise money, sell their products, or promote their services.


The LSC Flea Market is open for the Spring Semester, however due to COVID-19 precautions, only CSU departments and Registered Student Organizations are authorized to make reservations , and reservable space is currently limited to digital images on the TV in the center of the space.


Ready to Get Started?

Flea Market Layout

The Flea Market’s primary function is to support student organizations while providing a designated area for the CSU and outside community to promote, inform, and conduct business. The Flea Market is located on the second floor of the Lory Student Center and receives traffic from those passing to the LSC Plaza, Transit Center, Bookstore, and the Food Court.

Note: physical booth spaces are not currently bookable. Please select a date to reserve the TV space.

Flea Market Policies

Be Sure to Read Our Flea Market Policies Carefully

Student Organization may be asked to submit a sample of product(s) to be sold for approval from the Flea Market to market such product(s). If in paper form, Student Organization may email a sample with other documents into the Campus Activities Office.

  1.  Student Organization will remove all vending materials from the campus at the end of each vending day. Student Organizations leaving the Flea Market area or the campus in any condition requiring CSU maintenance will be charged a fee no less than $50 to be paid in full before any subsequent Student Organization days may be used or scheduled.
  2. Student Organization will not infringe upon copyrighted or trademarked materials of any entity.
  3. On University premises or at any University-sponsored activities, the following acts are prohibited: manufacture, sale, dispensation, possession or use of weapons, and any illegal drug or controlled substance without legal authorization such as a prescription. Student Organization agrees that it will not undertake such activities on University premises.
  4. Student Organization agrees not to engage in free-food giveaways unless arranged through Lory Student Center Food Services.
  5. Student Organization understands and acknowledges that the University does not guarantee exclusivity, and that there may be other Student Organizations promoting similar products on the same day in the Flea Market.
  6. Student Organization is solely responsible for collecting and remitting, as required by law, all state sales tax.
  7. CSU Entities are hereby understood as student organizations, which are registered and recognized by SLiCE, or other organizations affiliated with CSU, such as academic departments.
  8. Student Organization scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space reserved is considered confirmed upon receipt of all fees and this contract.
  9. The hours of the Flea Market are Monday through Friday 8am-4:45pm
  10. Any Student Organization that does not arrive within the half hour of their scheduled day/time forfeits reserved space in the Flea Market, unless previously arranged with Flea Market staff. Other Student Organizations reserving space for that same day may request forfeited space through the Flea Market Office.
  11. Student Organizations using electrical outlets must provide and utilize a surge protector for their equipment.
  12. Student Organizations may not solicit customers other than from behind their reserved table. No unreasonable noise, disruptive or abusive behavior will be tolerated. Student Organizations must remain behind their tables and demonstrate professionalism at all times.
  13. Student Organization must provide written information about its ability to back its claims and guarantees. During the Student Organization’s use of the Flea Market, a statement must be made available to purchasers that sets forth the circumstances under which purchasers may return merchandise during and after the sale including the Student Organization and Student Organization’s representative’s addresses, and phone numbers. This information must be posted or made available for customers to take at the Flea Market site.
  14. Colorado State University reserves the right to:
    1. reassign tables space if deemed necessary by the university, and
    2. remove a Student Organization from the Flea Market or restrict Student Organization’s future use of the Flea Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sell food?

No, unfortunately our food policies have changed due to the COVID-19 guidelines in the Lory Student Center.

Can I distribute candy at the flea market?

Unfortunately, due to CSU COVID-19 guidelines we will not be allowing distribution of any prepackaged items order to decrease the chances of spreading the virus.

If I cannot make my tabling day, can I get a full refund?

No, the table reservation fee is non-refundable. You must email the Flea Market Manager 48 hours in advance to reschedule your reservation.

Can I pay for my table with a credit card?

Yes, the Flea Market Manager will send you an email with a link to Bluefin payment system Payconx to complete your payment online via a credit card. You may also mail us Check, Cash or Money order to

Campus Activities – Lory Student Center

8033 Campus Delivery

Fort Collins, CO 80525-8033

Can I reserve more than one table?

Yes, you are able to reserve more than one table if spots are still available.

Are there parking passes available?

Yes, parking passes are available for $13. You must email the Flea Market Manager that you’d like to purchase a parking pass. Pick up would be in the Campus Activities office located on the first floor of the Lory Student Center Room 130.