LSC Arts at Sea

LSC Arts at Sea

LSC Arts Program Director, Doug takes on LSC Arts at Sea… Here’s to hoping he doesn’t Sink! 

Doug's on a Boat!

My automatic email reply reads, “I am out of the office through April 31st, and will have very intermittent access to email. If you have questions regarding the LSC Arts Program blah blah blah blah.” It should really read, “I’m out! I’m getting on a boat and I’m going to see some art. Good luck!”

During the Spring Semester of 2020, I will partake on a voyage across the eastern hemisphere aboard the MV World Odyssey. I’m accompanying my partner, esteemed CSU Special Instructor in Speech Communication, Elizabeth Sink, and our two children Tessa (12) and Finn (9).

Tasked with sharing this voyage with the CSU community, I was left wondering how to specifically focus the journey through an art lens. I’m most excited about contemporary art, but traditional indigenous arts and crafts of the different regions are high on my list of priorities. During this time, I am working with students on the ship to put together an exhibit of artwork made throughout the trip, which we’ll mount in the LSC sometime after we return.

This blog will serve as repository of the experiences of the voyage, but I’ll also be using the Arts Program’s Instagram (@csulscarts) as best a luddite like myself can manage.

What's actually happening here?

Semester at Sea voyages offers a truly global experience each fall and spring. All of our voyages on the MV World Odyssey are 100+ days, explore at least 10 countries and 4 continents, and allow college students from around the world earn 12-15 academic credits. Our Global Comparative approach to study abroad identifies and connects the world’s peoples, patterns, cultures, and traditions. Semester at Sea has served as a pioneer and leader in multiple-country, comparative education for more than 50 years.

Colorado State University saw this as an incredible opportunity to show Art students some of the artistic cultural experiences available through this program. And, thus, Doug and the LSC Arts at Sea dream was born – starry-eyed and rosy cheeked; ready to give you the unfiltered truth.
From Morocco to Japan, Doug is there…

Doug's on a Boat!

Doug embarks upon the journey of a lifetime. Follow his journey juggling family life, art and education while on the high sea!

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