Order Your Individual Lory Student Center Name Badge Today

Name badges are available for $13 per unit (or at a discount price of $10 per unit during the 3-week ordering periods listed below) three times during the 2019/2020 school year.

  • Name Badge: Refers to the whole unit: this includes the hardware, the white logo faceplate, and the clear name label with your name and position.
  • Hardware: The hardware is the metal magnetic badge and the magnet used to attach it to the shirt of the wearer.
  • Faceplate: The white plate is then attached to your hardware and is printed with your unit identifier to let visitors and other staff know which department you work for. Due to current brand standards, we are no longer using artistic logos. If your logo needs to be changed, this will take extra time and cost more due to the setup needed for new artwork.
  • Name Labels: After assembling your name badge, we will apply a clear sticker with the name and/or title needed. Name Labels are free and can be printed upon request. (This sticker is removable, and the name badges are reusable, as the clear sticker can be taken off while the badge remains intact.) Please allow 48-hours to complete your request.

Order Your Lory Student Center Name Badges Today

Name Badges 5-Pack or Single

Lory Student Center badges are reusable, durable, easy-to-use and, most of all, look great. Badges affix to your shirt with a magnetic backing. The badge features Colorado State University’s logo and your department name or LSC graphic in CSU green. Employee names and titles are applied using a durable, smudge-proof, laminated, clear label tape.


Discount name badge orders are available three times each year. Refer to the chart below for when these ordering periods occur.

Order DateDelivery DateFive-packSingle Badge
Jul. 8 – Aug. 5, 2019August 31, 2019$10/name badge

(Free Shipping)

$15/name badge

(Free Shipping)

Nov. 18 – Dec. 23, 2019January 31, 2020$10/name badge

(Free Shipping)

$15/name badge

(Free Shipping)

Mar. 5 – Apr. 13, 2020May 30, 2020$10/name badge

(Free Shipping)

$15/name badge

(Free Shipping)

Off-Season2-4 weeks from Order Date$13/name badge

+ $15 shipping fee

$18/name badge

+ $15 shipping fee

Five-pack badges are available during the three-week discount ordering windows for $10 each, with a minimum of five badges per bulk order. Any five-pack order placed outside of the three-week discount periods will be considered an off-season order, and badges will cost $13 each with an additional shipping fee of $15. (The minimum order number of five still stands for off-season bulk orders.)

Single badges are available during the three-week ordering windows for $15, and outside of the ordering windows for $18 (plus a $15 shipping fee).

Each bulk order MUST have a minimum of five badges. If you do not need all five, we can hold the extras at Colab until more badges are needed. Each order will require a Kuali account number for internal billing upon the completion of orders.

To request a name badge order, please email lsc_marketingadmin@mail.colostate.edu by 3 p.m. April 15, 2019 with the following information:



Phone Number:


Department Account Number:

Number of Badges Needed:


If you also need name tags, please also include the first names, last names, title(s) and/or pronouns you need printed on the clear name stickers for each name badge in your email.

Next steps:

  1. Your department account number will be invoiced
  2. After the invoice is paid, the order will be placed
  3. We will assemble and deliver to your office at no charge

Any additional fees associated with missing these deadlines – revisions to previously approved artwork, misspelled names or titles, or rush orders  – will be charged to your department.


  1. Name badges are reusable!
  2. If you have hardware, Colab provides clear name labels at no charge
  3. You can request clear name labels here: https://lsc.colostate.edu/product/name-tag

Clear Name Labels

Clear name labels are free. When ordering multiple name labels it is preferred that customers upload a Microsoft Excel file of employee names and titles to ensure accuracy.

Please allow 48 hours to complete your request.