Durable, Reusable LSC Name Badges for $12!

Lory Student Center name badges are durable, reusable, and most of all – look great! LSC name badges affix to shirts with a strong, removable magnetic backing. Name badges feature the Lory Student Center name and Colorado State University’s logo and wordmark, and can be customizable with name labels that can include up to three lines of information.

LSC Name badges are available for $12 per unit anytime during the school year.

  • Badges will be delivered 3 to 5 days after the order is received.
How to Ask for What You Need
  • Name badge: Refers to the entire, completed badge. Includes the hardware, the white logo faceplate, and the clear name label.
  • Hardware: The metal parts of the badge, including the magnet plate.
  • Faceplate: The white, logo faceplate sticker features the CSU logo and wordmark, and the Lory Student Center name.
  • Clear Name Labels: At no additional charge, Colab will affix clear name labels (removable for replacement next year) to the faceplate that include the following:
    • Name Only
    • Name and pronouns
    • Name/Department/Pronouns
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