‘LSC 7’ member Nancy Davis stays active after graduation

For those who grab their experiences by the horns, Colorado State University is not just a top-notch research institution with a long-standing history in Colorado, CSU is a lifestyle.

Nancy Mitchell Davis, alumna and member of the original “LSC 7,” truly epitomizes the CSU lifestyle.  In her time at CSU, Davis joined several on-campus organizations and became one of the famous faces associated with the Lory Student Center’s inception in 1960:  the “LSC 7.”

The “LSC 7” is a group of students pictured in a 1960 photo featuring the LSC construction ground-breaking.  Since this photo was taken, these students have become a fixture in demonstrating CSU’s ongoing commitment to student voice and excellence.  The photo also exemplifies the Lory Student Center’s place in the hearts and lives of students.

Davis’ membership in the “LSC 7” is only a small piece of her involvement at CSU.  In her time at the University, she served as vice president for Tri-Delta sorority, and of ASCSU and was a member of two honorary societies for juniors and seniors. She was also a Pepperette for two years, on the staff of the Rocky Mountain Collegian, a member of Bacteriology Club – a club for her major – and an Aggie Angel, an auxiliary of the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).  The activity she thought was most developmental for her character was a leadership position.

“Being in charge of and coordinating the CSU honor night, which was held at the end of the spring quarter best served my development,” said Davis.

If it sounds like Davis had her plate full, she certainly did. In recognition of her accomplishments, Davis was awarded the title of “Pacemaker,” modernly referred to as “Pacesetter.”  Pacesetters are recognized for their exceptional balance of academics and student involvement.

The CSU tradition also continued after Davis left the University.  She married a fellow CSU grad whose father, Bob Davis, served as athletic director and coached the Ram football team and mother advised the Panhellenic Greek Council.  Three of her four children attended CSU and her family has had 12 CSU graduates in all.

Continuing research from her college days with a CSU botany professor, she kept close ties with CSU after leaving. In theme with her active student lifestyle, Davis has maintained a life of interest and variety.  She researched tuberculosis at a veteran’s hospital in Denver, traveled as a flight attendant and tour escort for a tourist club, and worked for a pathologist in Fort Collins doing histology.

It is this zest for life that CSU wants to bring to the forefront as the University gears up to celebrate 50 years of the Lory Student Center.  The LSC has long been a center for student activity on campus; through the rejuvenation efforts beginning Summer 2013, CSU plans to bring the LSC 50 years into the future.

In an effort to maintain the legacy emanating throughout the building, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, director of Lory Student Center relations, developed a “New Faces of the LSC” campaign.  These “new faces” will be recreated the historic ground-breaking photo from 1960 and traveled alongside the “LSC 7” during CSU’s annual homecoming parade on October 5.

Davis was excited to hear about this campaign and even more excited about Kanda-Olmstead’s interest in developing a more strategic plan in the selection of students.  While it is clear the original “LSC 7” give justice to CSU’s campus of students, the selection process remains something lost in history.  The University’s history is a huge part of its identity; the “New Faces” campaign will ensure this moment is immortalized for future students to reflect on.

“It is interesting to tie the “LSC 7” from the past to the updating of the student uion at the present with the newly-selected faces,” added Davis.

Colorado State University is characterized as a student-centered institution, evident in its strong support from current students and alumni.  Join the University, and the Lory Student Center, this fall to exercise Ram pride, embrace the CSU lifestyle, and celebrate five decades of student activity, involvement, and commitment.

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