Who We Are

Who is RamEvents?

RamEvents is a student-driven organization within Campus Activities that plans a variety of events for the Colorado State University (CSU) community. 

From large concerts and local live music to lectures and movies, RamEvents collaborates with on-campus and off-campus partners to consider and be inclusive of the identities and experiences of every student at CSU. RamEvents collects and utilizes CSU student feedback to reach and meet the needs of all students and plan events intentionally.

The mission of RamEvents is to provide diverse and affordable events that both entertain and enrich the Colorado State University (CSU) experience.

Ram Events - Who We Are

As a member of the Campus Activities team, RamEvents aims to embody these values:

Collaboration: We leverage our strengths and resources by partnering to create exceptional results.  We are accountable and responsive.

Community: We believe in the intentional creation of an interdependent and inclusive environment based on shared experiences, awareness of differences, individual development and a commitment to the CSU spirit.

Diversity:  We acknowledge that social justice is both a process and a goal; we continually challenge oppression and seek to embrace difference.

Education: We enrich the educational mission of CSU by creating and sustaining opportunities for active and ongoing learning.

Innovation:  We actively seek creative ways to serve our community while honoring traditions and pursuing best practices.

Campus Activities is an office within the Lory Student Center (LSC) made up of RamEvents, Campus Information and Box Office, the Flea Market, and LSC Arts.

The four areas within Campus Activities aim to create incredible experiences that reach all students through programming and services. Each area collaborates with student organizations, offices, academic areas, and community organizations to provide programs and services to the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

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