Advertising with Digital Media in the Lory Student Center

The indoor display is a liquid crystal display screen that reaches 20,000 students passing through the LSC daily.

By advertising your event through the indoor display signs, your advertisement will be shown 15 seconds at a time, and guaranteed a minimum of six times an hour per screen on each of the 17 screens (including 5 Info Desk screens, 1 facing south, 4 facing east).

Ads run for an entire week, beginning on Friday and running through the following Friday. Reservations must be made for seven days. Please be sure to select the correct number of days when reserving your ad.

Consult our policy and specifications below for specific details. Please check the calendar for availability.

Please Note
Our indoor displays have strict standards to keep up with the sophisticated, modern aesthetic of the student center. As such, if you choose to provide artwork and it does not meet these standards, we will contact you to discuss specific changes we will be making to your artwork.


Digital Advertising Opportunities in the Lory Student Center

The digital marketing team provides marketing opportunities in a digital domain that are designed to engage consumers throughout the Lory Student Center in an interactive capacity. To do this, our team relies heavily on usability standards and best practices to provide every visitor with a friendly, branded interaction that reinforces the values of the Lory Student Center and Colorado State University. How our students, faculty and staff discover and interact with technology throughout the Lory Student Center enables us to increase the perceived value of the University experience.

Our branded interactions include data-driven signage, user-interface and user-experience design as well as marketing and advertising opportunities in digital spaces. For more information about how we can brand your marketing message in a digital domain, you may send us a direct message by visiting the Lory Student Center contact page here.

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