Student Employee Kickoff

SHAPE LSC Student Employee Kick-Off Dinner

For the first time, we are kicking off the start of Fall with an LSC All-Student Employee event!

What this is: Dinner, Activities, and (optional for new employees) Lory Student Center Orientation

Who is Invited: All student employees who work in/for the Lory Student Center (including, but not limited to, the CSU Bookstore, Campus Activities, Campus Life Cluster, Career Center, Colab, Environmental Services, Event Planning, RamCard, Retail Dining, SDPS, SLiCE, etc.)

Why is this happening:

  1. To build a sense of belonging and community within the Lory Student Center
  2. To begin addressing student employee learning objectives through activities
  3. To feed and appreciate the student employees who are at the center of the LSC
  4. To recognize the beginning of the academic year!

Where is this happening: Lory Student Center Grand Ballrooms
When is this happening (date): Wednesday, September 4th
When is this happening (time): Dinner & Activities 5-7 p.m. Register HERE | LSC Orientation 7-8:30 p.m. Register HERE

Note: If you are planning on attending both, you will need to register for both; if you are only able to attend one, register for that one.

**Please register by Wednesday, August 28th**