Lsc Original 7 Runyan

‘LSC 7’ member Lory Runyan demonstrates the resonance of student voice

Sitting in William E. Morgan’s living room with a few of her peers, joking over cherries jubilee, Lory Tyler Runyan had no idea the impact she would be leaving on her university.  Fifty years later, we are celebrating her legacy. This year marks the 50th birthday of the Lory Student Center, hub of student-life and activity on campus.  Named after Charles A. Lory, Colorado State University’s President from 1909 to 1940, the LSC is known as the center of campus …

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Lsc Original 7 Williams

‘LSC 7’ member Nancy Williams still involved in CSU community

After hitch-hiking to Alaska, go-go dancing in Fairbanks, and traveling the country in a car painted red, white, and blue, Nancy Williams York eventually decided to settle in Fort Collins – though her life hardly settled down. York graduated from Colorado State University in 1960 and is one of the “LSC 7,” a group of student leaders pictured in front of the Lory Student Center’s 1960s ground-breaking photo. Along with participation in the photo, York was an active student leader …

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Lsc Original 7 Neighbors

Neighbors continues CSU’s connections with ‘LSC 7’

Colorado State University students clamoring to oust the football coach is a sentiment shared across generations.  According to Bill Neighbors, a student here during the 1950s and one of the forefathers of the Lory Student Center, this sentiment is something he still remembers today.  Reflecting on hot topics from when he was a student, Bill replied: “Same as always. We wanted to fire the football coach.” Neighbors was one of the student leaders featured in a 1960s picture of the …

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Lsc Original 7 Repp

Dennis Repp receives William E. Morgan Alumni Achievement Award

On Thursday, Oct. 4, alumnus Dennis Repp received the William E. Morgan Alumni Achievement Award – the highest honor given by Colorado State University’s Alumni Association. This recognition comes at a time when the Lory Student Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The LSC 50th is a time to commemorate history, recognize excellence, and celebrate the future.  Individuals like Repp have the power to bring attention to all three of these aims at once. The award is characterized by extraordinary …

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Lsc Original 7 Mitchell

‘LSC 7’ Nancy Benes reflects on time at CSU

There is something about Colorado State University’s beautiful campus and rich history that causes alumni to get sentimental.   Nancy Benes – one of the “LSC 7” – is greeted with wonderful memories upon every visit to CSU. Benes attended CSU in 1950s and 1960s and was highly involved on campus.  She was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Associated Women Students, Aggie Angels, and a professional group for occupation therapists.  Aggie Angels was an Air Force support group that hosted …

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Lsc Original 7 Hindman

‘LSC 7’ Jim Hindman is one of the first to hold wedding reception in student center

On Feb. 10, 1962, Jim and Diane Hindman became one of the first couples to host their wedding reception in the Lory Student Center at Colorado State University. After getting married in the Danforth Chapel, the couple hosted their reception in the Longs Peak Dining Room.  To add to the CSU charm, the Hindmans had their wedding cake specially designed by LSC Food Services. “It was a very elegant room with a beautiful view of the mountains,” said Jim Hindman.  …

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Lsc Original 7 Davis

‘LSC 7’ member Nancy Davis stays active after graduation

For those who grab their experiences by the horns, Colorado State University is not just a top-notch research institution with a long-standing history in Colorado, CSU is a lifestyle. Nancy Mitchell Davis, alumna and member of the original “LSC 7,” truly epitomizes the CSU lifestyle.  In her time at CSU, Davis joined several on-campus organizations and became one of the famous faces associated with the Lory Student Center’s inception in 1960:  the “LSC 7.” The “LSC 7” is a group …

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