SLiCE is Hiring!

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SLiCE Student Staff Employment

The office of Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement (SLiCE) is committed to identifying and critically reflecting upon oppressive systems that perpetuate harm to construct and foster belonging within purposeful communities.  The SLiCE office offers a broad range of programs and services for CSU Rams and the local community in the areas of leadership development, student involvement, and service and volunteer programs.  Through SLiCE, students find both support and resources to graduate as engaged, active participants and leaders in their local, national, and global communities.  Furthermore, SLiCE brings together student organizations, student leaders, and CSU volunteers under one roof.  SLiCE strives to make our campus an even better community and a more involved place.  Being involved in SLiCE programs allows students to enrich their academic and social experiences at CSU.  And, being a SLiCE student employee enhances all these experiences even more. 

We believe it pays to get involved, thus by joining the SLiCE Student Staff Team expect to:

  • ­­Work on campus with flexible hours
  • Build meaningful connections among staff
  • Grow career competencies & develop valuable skills
  • Inspire student involvement & deepen campus connection
  • Spread awareness of social issues & aim to meet community need

SLiCE is Hiring Next Year’s 2023 – 2024 Student Staff

SLiCE is hiring student employees to join our SLiCE Staff Team in the spring 2023 semester for the following academic year (fall 2023 – spring 2024).  Our 2023 – 2024 SLiCE Student Staff Application closes Sunday, February 19, 2023.  We anticipate hiring 15+ new student staff members who will join another 15 returning student employees and more than a dozen full-time, professional staff. 

General Hiring Overview for All SLiCE Positions

  • Start Date: Monday, August 14, 2023
  • End Date: Friday, May 10, 2024 (continued employment is available for staff who do not graduate and wish to return the following academic year with supervisor approval)
  • Time Frame: Fall/Spring
  • Hourly Pay Rate: $13.75/hour
  • Hours Per Week: up to 12 Hours/Week (most positions work between 8AM – 5PM Monday – Friday, some exceptions apply to roles directly supporting evening and weekend programming and services – those are noted in the specific position descriptions)
  • Positions Available: 15+ hourly/work-study positions
  • Benefit Information: Employee Benefit information can be found on HR’s Website
  • Job Location: 210 Lory Student Center; Fort Collins, CO 80523 (SLiCE Main Office); General Services Building; 1251 S Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80521 (Rams Against Hunger Pantry)
  • Website:
  • Colorado State University may conduct background checks on all final candidates.
  • Attend required, multi-day SLiCE Fall All-Staff Training (Monday, August 14, 2023 – Friday, August 18, 2023); and work portions of RamWelcome [Carnival and/or Ramapolooza] with SLiCE; along with position-specific training occurring within the same week
  • Attend required Lory Student Center’s SHAPE – Leadership & Professional Development Conference and SLiCE Spring All-Staff Training (usually the Sunday after the first week of school in January 2024)
  • Attend required SLiCE Staff Celebrations occurring at the end of each semester (Friday, December 1, 2023 [5PM – 8PM] and Friday, April 26, 2024 [5PM – 8PM])
  • Work 1-3 hours of SLiCE’s All-Staff Events, amount of time depends on event (i.e., Fall Involvement Expo, C.A.N.S. Around The Oval, Spring Involvement Expo, Project Homeless Connect, CSUnity, Registered Student Organization annual award event, etc.)
  • Maintain weekly office hours as negotiated with supervisor.
  • Attend all meetings set with supervisor and team.
  • Student staff are not expected to work during fall, winter, spring, or summer breaks; though there are opportunities for a few staff members to work over breaks, if interested.
  • Student staff do not work when the University is officially closed.
  • Student staff are employed for the entire academic year: August through May.
  • Complete required financial paperwork and early onboarding April – August 2023.

Please note: SLiCE staff cannot be RamWelcome Leaders due to significant training conflicts before the fall semester begins.  Resident Assistants (RAs) and Inclusive Community Assistants (ICAs) tend to have great difficulty holding both positions, one in University Housing and the other in SLiCE.  This is due to conflicting departmental trainings and requirements and major scheduling conflicts.   Also, if hired by SLiCE you cannot also be a Ram Welcome Leader, as fall training significantly conflicts with Ram Welcome scheduling.  Finally, please note SLiCE cannot hire students studying abroad in their first year of employment with our office.  If wanting to study abroad in subsequent years of working in SLiCE, that is fine!  This has to do with how much time we invest in training new hires and relying on them to cover our current staffing availability. 

Required Skills for all SLiCE Student Staff Team Members

  • Must demonstrate a commitment to CSU’s Principles of Community
  • Must be eligible to be a student hourly employee
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to leadership, service, involvement, and multicultural education

Preferred Skills for all SLiCE Student Staff Team Members

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to work autonomously and as a team member on various projects
  • Evidence of being dependable, motivated, creative, ambitious, flexible, and taking initiative as demonstrated by personal experiences and/or previous employment and/or involvement
  • Proficient oral, written, and digital communication skills
  • Proficient problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Previous experience with SLiCE programs

Application Overview: Whether applying for one or all 10 of the positions available, only one application should be submitted. You do not have to apply for all available positions but indicating your interest in more than one position does increase your chances of being offered an interview.  Please note: our job application will be posted on Handshake, but the external application (located on RamLink) must be submitted by the Sunday, February 19cat midnight deadline to be considered an eligible applicant.  The “Apply Here” button below will be activated once the application opens on Monday, January 23.

Interview Overview: If selected as a candidate to interview, anticipate interviews occurring Monday, February 27, through Friday, March 10.  Interview offers may come from supervisors of positions you shared interest in and from supervisors of roles you may not have indicated early interest in, but your skill sets greatly align.  Interviews with SLiCE are not guaranteed.  Interviews will either be conducted in-person or virtually; if the latter, closed captioning will be provided.  If offered multiple interviews for different SLiCE positions, expect to have each of those with the differing position’s supervisor, and possible SLiCE student staff currently in the role.  Candidates who interview for more than one position will be sent our “SLiCE Position Preference Ranking Form” after all interviews are completed.  This form will be due on Sunday, March 19.  After Spring Break, your preferences and supervisor preferences will be compared, and SLiCE supervisors will collectively decide who to hire, and for what position. 

Job Offers: If SLiCE chooses to hire you for the 2023 – 2024 Student Staff Team, you will only be offered one position in SLiCE; you will not receive multiple job offers.  Job offers will be made as early as Wednesday, March 29.

What is Work-Study?

All CSU students can apply for a work-study award.  Work-study can be awarded federally through FAFSA as a needs-based award or from state or University funding by applying on RamWeb for part-time job opportunities via the “Request for Work-Study” Application.  For more information, click here.

Work-study funding can be available for in-state students, out-of-state students, international students, DACA students, graduate students, student veterans, and more.  The Office of Financial Aid will make the determination if your financial aid package can accommodate work-study, or if a work-study award conflicts with your funding.  They have the best judgment to make this decision, you will lose nothing by applying as you still must “accept” work-study, if awarded.

Must I have work-study to apply to SLiCE?
You do not need a work-study award to be hired as a SLiCE Student Staff Team Member.  However, we strive for at least 85% of our student staff to have work-study with our office; hence, the reason we ask every one of our SLiCE student employees to apply and re-apply (even if awarded previously).  SLiCE uses work-study funds to offset student fees to cover the costs associated with student staff hourly pay, student staff training costs, and other student staffing processes.  All we ask is for our new hires and student employees to at least apply via the “Request for Work-Study” process at CSU, which is not FAFSA.  More information will be shared with all candidates who apply to work in SLiCE.

The “Request for Work-Study Application” opens on Monday, May 1, 2023 at 9AM on RamWeb.  It is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and is competitive.  Applying the moment the application opens is imperative.

If you are hired by SLiCE for the 2023 – 2024 academic year, you are expected to complete a pre-boarding process before the spring 2023 semester ends, which mostly includes financial paperwork to be handled swiftly and sensitively in April.  Thereafter, you are expected to attend the Welcome to SLiCE Breakfast on Monday, May 1 (8AM – 9:30AM) in the SLiCE office to meet other new hires, returning student staff members, and professional staff members; learn more about SLiCE expectations with the mandatory fall training; and apply for work-study immediately when the application opens at 9AM. 

If you are not hired by SLiCE, we encourage you to still apply for work-study on your own still at 9AM on May 1.  This increases your chances of being hired both across campus for other roles, including SLiCE at a later date.  SLiCE often hires some roles in late summer and during the fall semester.  Plus, depending on the time of year, work-study may be required for employment in SLiCE.  Thus, by applying and being awarded work-study, it can increase your chances for hire in the future.

Position Descriptions

Below are our 10 possible positions, some of which have numerous staff members holding the same role who comprise a team, while others are held by an individual person.  Each is supervised by at least one professional staff member of SLiCE.  A description of each position and a list of the duties and responsibilities involved follows.

  • ASCSU Accountant
  • Co-Curricular Leadership Specialist
  • Community Support Specialist*
  • Involvement Advisor
  • Marketing Specialist
  • President’s Leadership Program (PLP) Outreach Specialist
  • Rams Against Hunger Specialist
  • Registered Student Organization (RSO) Specialist
  • SLiCE Accountant
  • SLiCE Receptionist

*The Community Support Specialist role has a different hiring period occurring in June.  This is due to the supervisor being away on parental leave March through May.  You will not be able to apply to this role during the spring semester, though the job description can be found below.  If only wanting to apply to this role, best to hold off on applying until June (it will be posted on Handshake as a standalone position with an external application).  If wanting to be in SLiCE regardless of the role, best to apply in January/February to be considered for all other roles on the earlier hiring timeline.

This is a SLiCE Staff Team Member positioned to assist the Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) staff and officers with the processing of financial documents and aid in office financial operations.  The student accountant will perform assigned accounting duties with budgets totaling over $1.3M.

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Assist ASCSU professional & student staff to maintain organization budget & answer questions about ASCSU funding & financial procedures for registered student organizations 
  • Record, classify, verify, & report University transactions and monitor accounts for proper funding expenditures from allocated & self-generated monies
  • File & scan financial documents
  • Create, update, & import spreadsheets to maintain accurate record-keeping 
  • Implement exceptional customer service when interacting with vendors, students, & CSU staff

There may be a need to work occasional Wednesday nights when ASCSU Cabinet and Senate Meetings are in session, but not often.  

This staff member supports co-curricular programming focused on leadership development. This position plays a vital role in the design, implementation, and support for programs such as Campus Step Up, Campus Rise Up, the REAL Experience, and national conference participation.  Additionally, this staff member will contribute to the training and development for Lory Student Center employees through the SHAPE initiative.  

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Collaborate with Co-Curricular Leadership Team to identify & distribute programmatic tasks (i.e., project management)
  • Coordinate semesterly & annual recruitment process for Co-Curricular programming; design & implement marketing campaigns
  • Assist in planning logistics for annual leadership retreats, conferences, & on-demand workshops
  • Keep a cumulative record of all student participation, assessment, & evaluation
  • Foster collaborative partnerships with student leaders & organizations in addition to CSU offices & departments to assess desired co-curricular opportunities
  • Provide in-person support for facilitators during Co-Curricular Leadership events 

This specialist is expected to attend and support annual retreat efforts, scheduled on a few key weekends. 


This student staff member is an all-around community builder.  Whether leading volunteer opportunities for fellow Rams or facilitating teambuilding activities for fellow SLiCE staff, this role aims to build connections, grow understanding, and strives to meet community needs.  

Job duties/responsibilities:   

  • Serve as liaison to service-based, local non-profit organizations seeking CSU volunteers, campus connections, & community partnerships
  • Coordinate medium & large-scale events: the fall and spring Involvement Expos, 5-8 Ram$ for Change service days, & CSUnity
  • Advise CSU Rams seeking personalized service opportunities via Service Coaching conversations
  • Write one comprehensive & seasonal Service Happenings Newsletter issue
  • Contribute to the launching of CSU’s new online engagement portal, CSU Serves, by regularly updating service opportunities geared toward CSU Rams
  • Model & train best practices in volunteer recruitment/coordination, intergenerational connections, & authentic community engagement via educational workshops & conversations
  • Lead community building activities to support peers & deepen belonging amongst SLiCE staff, including managing staff calendar, recognizing staff birthdays, coordinating student employee appreciation week & end-of-semester staff celebrations, & marketing student staff hiring

This specialist is expected to support all programs the day of, including CSUnity 2024 on Sunday, April 21. For Ram$ for Change, each specialist will be on-call for one service day a semester. 

This staff member assists with the strategic direction, development, and implementation of the Involvement Advising program.  Advisors meet one-on-one with diverse undergraduate and graduate students to discuss their passions, interests, and curiosities by advising about involvement and leadership opportunities via a personalized approach.  Their goal is to maximize student potential through campus involvement and engagement.   

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Develop knowledge of involvement opportunities by researching, utilizing, & educating about RamLink – CSU’s online involvement hub, other virtual sites, & in-person resources
  • Communicate by phone, email, Zoom/Microsoft Teams, & in-person with participants
  • Catalog campus & community involvement opportunities & facilitate group presentations based on these offerings
  • Foster collaborative partnerships with Registered Student Organization (RSO) Team, CSU offices, departments, student leaders, academic advisors, faculty, staff, & community partners to create involvement opportunities

This student staff member assumes primary responsibility for marketing and outreach for specific SLiCE programs and the office at-large.  This role directly works with a SLiCE professional staff member to plan, manage, and execute all marketing and outreach projects.

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Manage SLiCE’s social media accounts & regularly produce content
  • Update SLiCE website to communicate programmatic changes & edit content
  • Be responsive to SLiCE staff needs & programs
  • Represent SLiCE at various outreach events & educate about SLiCE programs, services, & opportunities to incoming/current students, & CSU community-at-large (i.e., admissions presentations, orientation programs, classroom presentations, etc.)
  • Regularly communicate with SLiCE staff as part of SLiCE Marketing Team

The President’s Leadership Program (PLP) aims to develop active, informed civic leaders who practice ethical, inclusive leadership and embody positive humanitarian characteristics, such as optimism, service to others, passion, mindfulness, and fairness.  In connection with the mission, values, and goals of PLP, this staff member is responsible for managing specific PLP marketing efforts.  It is important for this staff member to have a basic understanding, awareness, and commitment towards equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts for PLP overall and the individual duties of this position.   

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Work heavily with recruitment & outreach of incoming PLP cohort for following year 
  • Support tracking & managing of marketing efforts and applications submitted 
  • Oversee & design Instagram, Facebook, & other social media posts for PLP-specific accounts
  • Create new campaigns, oversee outreach initiatives, & support all Resource Fairs & PLP Informationals for incoming/current students

Student staff members in this role contribute to the planning and implementation efforts of all elements of Rams Against Hunger (RAH).  These coordinators work at the Rams Against Hunger Pantry; serve as community liaisons to raise awareness, advocate for, and market all RAH programs to the CSU Community.  

Job duties/responsibilities:  

  • Develop & maintain positive relationships with RAH partners (on- and off-campus) & clients
  • Serve community members by affirming dignity & seeking to reduce stigma around food insecurity 
  • Coordinate CSU’s longest-standing food and fund drive: C.A.N.S. Around The Oval in the fall
  • Receive, stock, & distribute food products to RAH clientele
  • Meticulously track & secure client data
  • Employ strong teamwork & customer service with a friendly demeanor

This position involves some heavy lifting and operation of manual or electric pallet jacks.  Current pantry hours are 3PM – 6PM Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and 9AM – 12PM Tuesdays.  Shifts would occur during and outside of these times, and times are subject to change for the next academic year.  The new pantry location is in the General Services Building on campus. 

This staff member assists with implementing initiatives and processes to support and resource registered student organizations (RSOs).  The position connects with diverse members, officers, and advisors of over 450 RSOs.  The RSO Team is a primary resource for student organization members, officers, and advisors and serves a critical role to maximize student potential through campus involvement and engagement.   

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Manage annual RSO registration process
  • Assist RSO members, officers, & advisors in navigating/utilizing RamLink – CSU’s online involvement hub
  • Guide members, officers, & advisors through varying university policies, procedures, & opportunities 
  • Develop resources focused on student organization event planning, marketing, membership recruitment, & leadership
  • Coordinate & facilitate educational trainings, workshops, retreats, & annual award event
  • Maintain inventory & upkeep within RSO resource center – the Student Organization Center

This student staff member assumes primary responsibility for processing financial documents for SLiCE and assists in office operations.  The student accountant will perform these accounting duties with budgets of over $1.4M.  They will attend assigned Kuali (CSU’s online financial system) training sessions and utilize the software regularly with the SLiCE Accounting Team.   

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Support SLiCE staff as well as RSO student officers with their financial questions & needs
  • Assist SLiCE professional staff & CSU students with questions regarding Kuali Financial System
  • Record, classify, verify, & report University transactions, including monitoring of accounts for proper funding expenditures from allocated & self-generated monies
  • File & scan financial documents
  • Create, update, & import spreadsheets to maintain accurate record-keeping
  • Implement exceptional customer service when interacting with vendors, students, & CSU staff

This student staff member sets the tone for an exceptional customer service experience in and for SLiCE.  They actively support SLiCE staff in all areas and are the first point of contact for most CSU and Fort Collins community members initially reaching out to the office. 

Job duties/responsibilities: 

  • Communicate via phone, email, & in-person to educate about departmental programs/services, policies/procedures, & general involvement
  • Navigate & complete various front desk projects directly supporting SLiCE staff & programs
  • Ensure professional office environment by conducting daily office tasks
  • Work with cash/check by taking deposits from RSO student officers and community members
  • Check & deliver phone call/email messages to appropriate coworkers 

The weekly hours SLiCE Receptionists work depend on the available hours needed to cover the SLiCE Front Desk between 8AM – 5PM Monday – Friday.  Only one receptionist is working at a time and punctuality for scheduled shifts is imperative. 

Questions about SLiCE student employment? Contact SLiCE’s Senior Program Coordinator of Community & Staff Engagement, Sarah Quaintance, at 970-568-2294 or